July 14, 2024

How To Ensure You’re Getting A Quality Ruby Gemstone When You Buy Jewellery

We all love the deep red colour of the ruby gemstone and throughout history, this red precious stone has been favoured when creating beautiful jewellery. The current trend is for hand-made jewellery created by a custom jeweller and when buying loose gemstones, it is important to be sure they are genuine.

The 4 C Grading System

Much like diamonds, rubies are graded according to the 4 Cs; colour, clarity, cut and carat, which is globally recognised and accepted. You can purchase ruby gemstones online from a leading custom jeweller, who has access to one of the best types of rubies, called ‘pigeon blood’ due to the deep red colour, similar to that of a freshly killed pigeon.


Deep, brilliant red is the highly prized ruby colour and most of the best rubies come from Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. Pigeon blood rubies are very rare and expensive and by consulting with a custom jeweller, you can acquire stunning rubies to create a special piece of jewellery.


Finding a ruby with no internal inclusions would be next to impossible; indeed, the inclusions in a ruby define its character and do have some impact on the stone’s value. You would have to look at 10x magnification to see a ruby’s inclusions. The custom jeweller can show you a few example images of fine rubies.


Most rubies on the market are already cut. The chosen cut would be one that minimises waste, such as brilliant round. If you are acquiring loose rubies, the custom jeweller can recommend the best cut, based on the shape and size of the uncut gemstone.


Rubies that are larger than a few carats are extremely rare, therefore, the price rises dramatically as you increase in size. A one carat stone is a very popular size for a ruby engagement ring and the custom jeweller is able to find the perfect stone for your engagement ring, which would be hand-crafted by a skilled jeweller.

Source An Established Custom Jeweller

If you are planning to surprise your partner with an exquisite piece of ruby jewellery, why not commission the piece? There are top-rated custom jewellers who have access to the best loose rubies of the highest quality and what’s more, they pay trade prices, which saves you some money. The loose rubies for sale Australia has on offer are among the finest, so you would want to check them out first. For those outside the country, an online search is all it takes to help them find reputable jewellers or diamond dealers who sell rubies near their location.

Designing A Ruby Engagement Ring

There are many aspects to consider when designing an engagement ring; the stone, cut, setting and metal used, are all things that you decide when you have a piece of jewellery made. The custom jeweller uses 3D computer imaging to create the ring design and with your input, once a design is approved, the jeweller can get to work and in a short time, the ring is ready for viewing.

Natural rubies can be heat treated to enhance the stone’s properties, which is common practice with medium-quality stones. This is something to discuss with the custom jeweller when you are planning the project.

By using an established custom jeweller, you can be sure that the rubies are of excellent quality and your item of jewellery will be a stunning one-off creation.

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