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Minoxidil for Hair: 101 Guide

Tired of limited solutions for men to control hair fall? Looking for the right products and ingredients to help you save your beautiful locks and break the balding pattern? Today’s common problems for all genders include hair loss, pattern baldness, alopecia, etc. All because of external changes in the environment and personal stress and lifestyle. However, the solutions available for women are present in abundance.

If you want to keep your hair healthy, you will need to do more than just regular haircuts. You need to instead invest in minoxidil.

While keeping this supply in check, men feel neglected and are always on the lookout for the right kind of products to help with their hair problems. After thorough research, an active ingredient that helps both men and women to stimulate hair growth and prevent further hair loss is known as minoxidil.

What Is Minoxidil?

As one of the first medications to get approval for treating hair loss back in 1988, minoxidil was initially consumed by patients with high blood pressure in a tablet. However, one of the side-effects registered was hair growth which further pushed companies to experiment with this ingredient to make a product range rich with minoxidil. At present, it is one of the easily available over-the-counter treatments for hair fall for both men and women. You can use it in the form of hair serum or a hair form to encourage hair growth. Along with the scalp hair, minoxidil also aids the growth of beard hair, enhancing the hair texture overall. 

How Does It Work?

The main function of minoxidil is to improve hair quality by directly impacting the size of the hair follicles present. For a better explanation, let us understand how minoxidil works and the benefits below.

The main function of minoxidil is to accelerate the oxygen flow, the blood flow, and the nutrients from all over the body, right to the hair follicles or the cells on the hair scalp. This increased supply of blood, oxygen, and nutrients together make the hair follicles and the hair quality stronger. Additionally, as the supply of these key necessities for the hair follicles increases, the process of balding is slowed down effectively. 

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Benefits of Minoxidil

There are numerous benefits of using minoxidil for your hair, both on the scalp and face. But before you begin using it, ensure you read the precautions and consult a skin specialist if you have sensitive skin. Let us discuss the key benefits of minoxidil below.

  • It slows down the hair loss process for both men and women.
  • It focuses on producing quality hair strands in increased quantity by increasing the supply of oxygen and blood to the scalp.
  • It increases the performance of the hair follicles and encourages them to produce more hair.
  • According to dermatologists, minoxidil is clinically proven to be an effective solution that can show visible results for women in about 4 months and men in about 2 to 4 months. 

How To Use Minoxidil?

If you do not know the right way to use minoxidil, you will not get the best results. Keep the following pointers in mind while using minoxidil as part of your hair treatment.

Always ensure that you apply the minoxidil product, whether serum or lotion, on a dry scalp or hair strand.

  • To begin, ensure each of your dosages for use is not more than 1ML.
  • Use this minoxidil solution equally by spreading the 1ML liquid thoroughly onto the entire scalp or the entire beyond the surface on your face.
  • Gently massage the solution onto the scalp and your beard by moving your fingers in a circular motion, both clockwise and anti-clockwise, to help the product get properly absorbed onto the scalp/skin surface.

Once you are done with the application process, try to avoid water interaction with your hair or skin for at least a minimum of four hours to allow the product to settle in and do its magic.

Do this application process two times a day, before going to bed and once after waking up. But ensure that you give at least one hour between applying minoxidil and going to bed to avoid spreading the product on surfaces around your house. 

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According to dermatologists, even though there are different ranges of minoxidil products with separate concentration levels, the 5% solution is the most effective for hair treatment. Keep in mind the following precautions to ensure you are doing your best to protect your hair and not attract any unwanted side effects.

  • If you want to see results, ensure you stick to the routine you set for yourself by fixing a time after waking up and before going to bed for the minoxidil solution application.
  • Be very careful while using any product with minoxidil as it is not a friendly ingredient if not in contact with the scalp or hair around the face. If the product comes in touch with any other body part, wash it off immediately to avoid any reaction.

Overall, to conclude, it is high time everyone celebrates this unique and highly beneficial ingredient called minoxidil. There are multiple benefits for both men and women, and the results are guaranteed after regular use. Try today for yourself and see the change in your hair volume and health shortly.


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