Top 7 Factors to Consider When Buying Hair Growth Vitamins

Whether you want to boost your thinning locks or grow out a bad haircut, vitamins for hair growth can be a lifesaver. Specific nutrients alongside hair growth solutions such as scalp care, gentler styling practices, and a better diet can help ensure that every day is a good hair day. 

But, as with any consumer decision, knowledge is power. Taking steps to get informed before buying hair growth vitamins can make all the difference to your hair’s progress and condition. 

So, what should you look for when buying vitamins online or in-store? Keep reading to find out more about your options for vitamins to promote hair growth!

1. Price

Above all, you want the most effective hair growth supplements you can afford. But, you need to know your budget first as this can have a big impact on the options for vitamins available to you. 

Hair growth solutions and supplements tend to have different prices when compared to skin and nail supplements or general multivitamins. To get an idea of the kind of cost you’ll be looking at, check out average prices online and make a note of those within your budget. 

And remember, buying vitamins online can net you big discounts if you know where to shop. Once you have a few different brands in your sights, compare the price across several websites to see which online store sells it for the most affordable rate. 

Even healthy hair can take a long time to grow so you’ll need to take the recommended treatment length into account when shopping for hair growth vitamins. While you might not trust products that promise to transform your hair overnight, vitamins that take a long time to work might mean you’ll have to reconsider your budget. 

Look at the product information and recommendations to see what results you can expect within two months, four months, and so on. And, be sure to take your hair’s current condition and requirements into account. If you want vitamins for hair growth to undo the handiwork of an over-enthusiastic hairstylist you might not need to take them for as long as someone with thinning hair. 

3. Manufacturer and Licensing 

Buying vitamins online means putting the future health of your hair in a manufacturer’s hands. The best way to ensure you’re buying a quality product is to buy legitimate products from legitimate sellers. 

Fake products bought from shady sites won’t just fail to work. They might make your hair health even worse. Before you buy any kind of hair supplement, look up the manufacturer and check their licenses and permits. This is especially important if you’re planning on buying consumable hair growth solutions such as gummies or vitamin pills. Fake ingredients might cause serious and unexpected side effects. 

4. Hair Supplement Type

There are a lot of hair growth solutions out there, including pills, chewable gummies, topical lotions, and more. To ensure you give your hair the best possible treatment, it pays to know which kinds of supplements will suit your unique hair type and growth issue. 

For example, gummies might not be enough to boost your thinning tresses. Instead, you may need something stronger, or a combination treatment such as a topical lotion and hair-growth pills. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations to find out if the product in question will be sufficient to give you the results you want. 

5. The Right Hair Growth Components for You

All reputable vitamins for hair growth will state their components in full as well as the quantity of each they contain. If not, be wary as this could be a fake product or an untrustworthy website. 

When looking at the ingredients, consider whether a product contains what you need to boost the health of your hair. For example, biotin and niacin hair growth products are often effective as these B vitamins work together to improve blood circulation for healthier follicles. Zinc and iron also play a vital role in promoting good hair health and less shedding. 

That said, it’s worth checking with your doctor to see whether you have any deficiencies that may be affecting your hair. For example, if you’re deficient in vitamin D, finding a hair growth vitamin containing this might help improve your hair health and your overall health too. 

6. Online Customer Reviews

Online customer reviews can be invaluable when researching your options for vitamins. But, don’t be fooled by a perfect 5-star record. This is as much of a red flag as a stream of terrible reviews.  

Usually, honest and trustworthy products and companies have mostly good reviews and a few bad ones. Anything else suggests that the reviews might be fake or paid for.

Independent review sites and social media platforms can help inform your decision. You can also ask your friends and family if they or anyone they know has achieved great results with a certain hair growth vitamin. 

That said, do keep in mind that different hair types also have different issues and deficiencies. For example, your dry curly hair might not respond in the same way to a product as the straight over-bleached locks of your friend. If possible, seek online customer reviews and personal recommendations from people with the same type of hair as you. 

7. Potential Side Effects

One final but no less important consideration is whether the product you’re considering has any side effects. For example, before the product starts working, will you experience a sudden increase in hair loss? Or, if you ingest the product, will it have any effect on your general health? 

The reviews can tell you a lot about other customers’ genuine experiences with hair products, including any side effects they might have noticed. But, you should bear in mind that everyone has different hair and can often have a different reaction to the same product. 

What to Look For When Buying Hair Growth Vitamins

As this guide shows, buying hair growth vitamins is often a more complicated process than clicking on the first product you see. 

Your research and final buying decision will have a huge impact on the future condition of your hair. As such, it’s worth taking the time and effort to select the very best vitamins for hair growth you can find. 

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