Top 7 Tonneau Covers For Your Truck During Extreme Heat

Tonneau covers are among the best upgrades for trucks. Whether you are making an off-road build with nerf bars or have a luxury truck with alloy rims, having a tonneau cover should be on your list of upgrades. It can protect your bed from weather and theft, plus the cover is good for aerodynamics. The following are seven covers that perform well during high heat.

1. BAKFlip MX4

Of all the tonneau covers for sale, the BAKFlip MX4 is one of the most enduringly popular options. It is a high-quality, tri-fold cover with aluminum and foam core construction. These materials make it stand up well to the heat. While the aluminum may get hot to the touch, the cover won’t deform or become difficult to use, even in extreme heat.

2. UnderCover LUX

If you want a simpler option, consider the UnderCover LUX. This hinged cover is also made of aluminum. It will stand up well to the heat and is available in a variety of colors, including reflective silver. These qualities will help it to do well even when the sun is beating down.

3. Extang Solid Fold 2.0

Extang has a great reputation for making high-quality tri-fold covers. You can be confident that this cover will keep going even if you punish it with the harshest weather imaginable. It will also help to keep some of the heat away from your possessions in your truck bed.

4. DiamondBack 270

If you are looking for a more organized option, the DiamonBack 270 should be on your list. This hinged cover is a little different than the others on the list because it divides up your truck back. There are multiple openings that will let you store tools and other items in an organized manner. The rugged top provides some insulation and is ready for the elements.

5. Rough Country Low Profile

This is another great option for folding, hard tonneau covers. Rough Country makes excellent accessories that balance quality with cost very well. This is another example of high-quality construction letting the cover perform well no matter what situation you put it in.

6. BAK Revolver X4s

Many roll-up covers do not do well in the heat because vinyl tends to stretch and become overly pliable. However, this roil-up cover is made with aluminum slats that give it some extra rigidity. The upshot is that you can head out in the extreme heat without worrying that your roll-up tonneau will become unusable.

7. Retrax RetraxPRO MX

If you want a retractable cover, this is the right choice for high heat. Again, it benefits from good-quality construction. Retrax makes some of the best retractable covers on the market. Plus, this model features aluminum slats. They are well-suited for the heat. If you get the black option, it may get a little hot but the aluminum can handle it.

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