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Acquire these Lessons When you Enroll in the Best Lash Extension Online Course

Adding extensions to your eyelashes is an effective yet painless technique to enhance your look. They are semi-permanent and can quickly be attached to your lashes using glue. Moreover, incorrect and unsanitary practices can cause eye irritation and problems.

Thus, you must only choose a reputable eyelash technician to accomplish your task. When you enrol in a lash extension online course, you get trained and get a certificate at the end of the certificate. Perhaps you can see yourself as a lash technician then these are some of the lessons you need to look for and can expect in a virtual class: 

How to Choose Eyelashes According to Eye Shape

Eyelash extensions are made from various materials. Mink and silk lashes give a more natural look, but the former is expensive. As a result, customers tend to choose synthetic silk lashes for affordability while others try on faux mink. 

Some individuals might be allergic to animal fur-made lashes or are against them, so you should prioritize knowing their preference. Moreover, synthetic eyelashes exist, which might be more suitable for them. These lashes give a bolder look as they appear to be thicker and darker. 

Your lash extension online course will also teach you how to choose the best eyelashes for your customer. Of course, some customers might come prepared and already have a specific lash in mind. Nevertheless, giving your best opinion on what would suit them best as a trained technician would never be bad. 

Doll-shaped lashes are perfect for customers with smaller eyes as they open the eyes with their length focused on the centre. In addition, the open-style lashes with longer strands than the former give off a more dramatic effect. On the other hand, Squirrel lashes are great for naturally high arching brows as it adds volume to both lashes. 

You should also only apply thin lashes to hooded eyes to avoid giving them a droopy look. Round-eyed individuals are perfect for cat-eye-styled lashes. These lashes go longer towards the ends of the eyes and give off a sultry and mysterious vibe. 

How to Apply the Lashes

Each course and school have its own set of techniques in applying the chosen eyelashes to the client. Therefore, every procedure can differ according to what has worked best on the instructors. Nevertheless, you will eventually learn your strategies as you practice your skills and learn more tips.

The basic application steps include sticking gel patches under each eye first. Next, isolating the chosen and agreed-on extensions would be ideal for preventing mishaps. Picking each strand individually then dipping it into the adhesive comes next. 

The subsequent step requires your utmost attention as you need to swipe and segregate your client’s natural lashes before applying the glue. You must set the eyelashes a millimetre away from each eyelid and separate any adjoining strands. After you individually repeat these steps for every eyelash, you can dry these lashes and perform one last separation technique to ensure quality work. 

How to Remove the Lashes

Before retouching or applying new eyelashes to your customer, it is essential to remove intact ones first. You can accomplish this by steaming the lashes first before the removal. The steam protects the client’s natural lashes while loosening up the glue. 

After removing the lashes, you may put some conditioner on the area to nourish the roots of your patron’s eyelashes. Then, you can apply a new set of lashes after a few minutes. 

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