Stay Healthy While Sitting: 5 Sedentary Activity Ideas

Are you worried about your activity levels?

They say sitting is the new smoking and there is some truth to that. It’s important to have some activity, even when you’re sitting behind your desk all day. But how can you do that, you might wonder. Is that even possible?

That’s where we come in! Keep reading for these 5 ways to stay healthy while sitting with some sedentary activity.

1. Switch to a Stand Up Desk

You might see them referred to as a stand up desk, standing desk, or adjustable desk. There are many names but they all do the same thing of keeping you standing to work rather than sitting all day.

Working standing up will improve your posture and help with blood circulation. This helps to remedy the effects of a sedentary job but don’t overdo it at first. It could take some time to build up to a full standing day.

Even half a day of standing will be good for you. Make sure any desk you buy is adjustable so that when you get tired you can put it back to normal desk height. And while you’re sitting, substitute your chair for an exercise ball or an adjustable wobble stool.

2. Use Ankle Weights to Do Leg Lifts

Another way to combat a sedentary lifestyle is to do some leg weights under your desk. It’s subtle and easy and will keep your legs toned. It’s a way of getting physical activity even while you’re stuck at your desk.

Strap some leg weights to your ankle and every hour fit in a few reps of raising your legs. And if you don’t mind people seeing you, you can take them for a spin around the office.

3. Do Walking Meetings

Throw out your conceptions about having a meeting in an office environment. Use it as a way to get out for a walk. This could be as simple as going for a walk while you’re on a call.

You could even have a gym session while you’re talking business. If you need to schedule a meeting, why do not it in the park so you can all keep your bodies moving.

4. Stretch at Your Desk

While you likely can’t do a full workout at your desk, there are subtle stretches you can do. No one will pay attention to a few sitting exercises while you’re working.

You could try out these sitting down workouts. Stretches like shoulder raises, neck stretches and leg raises help blood flow. They also help reduce muscle ache from sitting in one position all day.

5. Fit in a Lunchtime Workout

To make the most of your lunch breaks, check out your nearest fitness venue. A lot of gyms offer lunchtime classes or you can do a quick gym session. Even 30-40 minutes a day will help make a difference. You could see a boost in your happiness levels and your work productivity.

In fact, the American College of Sports Medicine found 30-60 minute workouts at lunch can boost productivity by 15%! Working out at lunch gets the blood pumping and makes you ready for the rest of your workday. You don’t have to get sweaty though, consider a stretching class like yoga to help realign and move your body.

Sedentary Activity: Keeping Fit Made Easy

So, there you have it! Now you know these top tips for sedentary activity you’re sure to stay fit sitting down.

Make little changes like stretching at your desk and little workouts there. You can even switch to a standing desk or take your meetings outside to the park. Whatever you choose, keep active and listen to your body.

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