Sports Injury Clinics and Specialists: How to Choose the Best One

Ouch! Your love of sport has left you with an unwelcome surprise: an injury. If the pain wasn’t bad enough, your hobby is a no-go (for the time being, at least). So what’s next?

Finding the best treatment is vital if you want to quickly return to your favorite pastime and minimize the risk of further problems.

This short guide will explain what to look for when searching for sports injury clinics. We’ll explain how to find the best one for you and your type of injury.

Start Your Sports Injury Clinics Search Immediately

It’s tempting to try the wait-and-see approach when you feel a niggling pain that may or may not be a sports injury.

However, a quick and accurate diagnosis will minimize complications that could leave you out of action for weeks or even months. It’s also a sensible way of preventing an injury.

So make it your priority to book a sports clinic as soon as you experience any painful sensation during or after training. Do this even if that means clearing your calendar of other commitments.


Your injury might have affected your mobility, so finding a clinic that’s easy to travel to is essential. Think about what your method of transport will be and whether you’ll need to walk to the clinic after parking.

A close location is also essential because you might need repeated treatment or checkups.

You need to be pragmatic as regular treatment could take time out of your busy life, and you don’t want to travel for hours each time you attend.

Check on Experience

Depending on your training level, you might look for a practitioner who can demonstrate plenty of experience with similar athletes. That is particularly important if you train at an elite level.

First, shortlist clinics close to your home, and check their websites for more details of their length and breadth of experience.

It’s also worth connecting with training groups online in your field who can recommend a clinic. Facebook groups are a helpful starting point.

See if You Can Get a Referral

Perhaps you find it too challenging to find an appropriate sports injury clinic near you. In that case, you might find it helpful to visit your family doctor and ask for a referral.

Though your doctor might not have specialist knowledge of your injury, they will be able to carry out an initial examination. They’ll then advise you on the right sports injury specialist to treat your type of problem.

Build a Lasting Relationship

There’s an element of trust in treating sports injuries.

You’ll need to have a strong relationship with your practitioner to continue the complete treatment plan (including any physical therapy) and ensure you fully heal from your injury.

Take time to speak to a practitioner in advance (ideally, by phone) before committing to work with that clinic.

Don’t Risk a Permanent Injury!

Time is critical when it comes to sports injuries. Don’t wait for the problem to get worse. Start your search for the best sports injury clinics in your area and get your situation examined by an expert.

And while you put your feet up and rest your injury, check out our gadgets category for some recommendations tools that will come in handy while you recover.