Smart Android Tracking App for Parental Control

More than 80% of mobile users across the world use the Android operating system. It is because of its user-friendly functions and affordable rates. The convenient access to the internet usually indulges the kids or teenagers in harmful activities. Like cybercrime, cyberbullying, harassment, and porn addiction, etc. 

Therefore, parents want the spying apps which specifically operate with their targeted Android version. Although multiple apps offer different compatible versions, only a few of them work accurately. TheOneSpy is the only Android Tracker that provides dynamic tracking tools for parental control over their dear ones. 

Here, you can see the incredible android tracking app facility for parents in detail. Let come with us to know about this brilliant tracker and its real-time working. 

TheOneSpy Parental Control Application

A powerful hidden spy app that provides the best parental control to guardians. It gives liberty to the user to track all activities of their kids on their Android device. By having TOS, parents feel like putting an eagle eye on their child’s doings. 

It has 250 plus surveillance tools that grab all data in seconds and transfer it to the user’s online web portal. Where kids are going, what they are doing, to whom they meet daily, to whom they are close, each and everything can be traced in no time. 

To get the subscription to the app, the user only needs to follow 3 steps.

  • Choose the compatible plana and place the order
  • Read the instruction given by email and start installing accordingly.
  • Activate features from cloud accounts and starts immediate monitoring. 

Yeah exactly, these are the three steps you have to follow to take advantage of the worthy app.

TheOneSpy Parental Control Features

Let us go you through some parental control features.

  • SMS Tracking Feature
  • Installed Apps Tracker 
  • Live 360 Surround recording
  • Call recording Feature
  • Social media monitoring
  • View 360 Live Streaming
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Live Screen Activities Recorder
  • Keylogger
  • GPS Location tracker With and Without MAP
  • Email tracking Tool
  • Browsing History Tracker
  • Multimedia tracking Tool
  • Password Chaser
  • Remote Screenshot Taker
  • Device Information Provider

Six Major Factors that Keeps TheOneSpy on Top

Do you know which supportive factors are behind TheOneSpy success? Let us show you that incredible factors. 

  1. Only 3 Minutes of Installation

TheOneSpy Android tracker only takes 3 minutes to install in the targeted phone. 

  1. Real-Time Data Provider

App provides actual data with exact time stamps. 

  1. Sneaky Operations Performer

TOS app performs all spying operations in the sneaky mode, which keeps the user in comfort. 

  1. 24 hours of Expert Support

If a user faces any issue in installation or app functions, TOS experts always there to help you. 

  1. 100% Antivirus Proof App

The app is guaranteed virus-free, which builds a trustworthy relation. 

How Android Phones play their role in making the young ones idle?

The immense use of anything makes someone’s useless. Smartphones are such gadgets that attract kids a lot. It leads a child to some harmful situation. Here we are discussing some common points which come in the result. 

  • Sleepless Nights

When a kid continuously watches the mobile screen overnight, then it became a habit. And it takes time to get rid of this habit. Otherwise, kids awake all night, which affects their mind and physical health.

  • Victim of Cybercrimes

Usually, kids become the victim of cybercrimes like being bullied, facing cyberstalking, harassment, threatening, etc. If parents get aware on time, they can prevent their kids and make sure they are safe. 

  • Effect on Mental Health

When any kid does unlimited chats with friends or unknown, and other people bully them. Or some kids get serious while playing games. When they face loss, they get depressed, which affects their health. 


If you want an Android tracker containing an amazing set of features, you must go with TheOneSpy. You can easily spy on all current/previous activities and backup the lost data as well. Once a person becomes its regular user, it triggers them. To get the advantage of this excellent android app, place your order and enjoy amazing discount deals.

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