Should You Hire a Security Guard? 4 Signs the Answer Is “Yes”

Did you know that the US security services industry is worth $49.9 billion today?

Security guards help protect property and public safety in a wide range of settings. No company is free from the risk of crime, but employing a security guard offsets losses and allows you to concentrate on running your business.

Whether you’ve experienced crime at your premises or not, it pays to hedge against the possibility by learning about how a security guard can benefit your business.

Read on for the top 4 reasons you should hire a security guard.

1. Reduce Theft and Shrinkage

One of the most apparent reasons to employ a security guard is to prevent retail theft at your business. Every year, companies lose thousands of dollars to missing or stolen inventory.

A trained security guard’s first priority is to protect your assets as a business owner. They will monitor the daily operations of your premises and deter and detect theft by both the public and employees.

You deserve to run a profitable business free from the worry of misappropriated stock. A security guard can help put your mind at ease.

2. Enhance Customer Safety

Customer safety is paramount for any successful business. By employing a security guard, you can help them feel safe at your facility.

Just having unarmed security guards patrolling the store gives it a sense of heightened security and lets your customers shop in peace. A safe customer experience is a happy customer experience.

Hiring a security guard is particularly important if you operate in a high-crime area. As part of their job, they can escort customers through the parking lot at night and deter anti-social groups from loitering on your property.

3. Improve Record Keeping

One role often assigned to security guards is daily record-keeping for the business. This is useful because an agency security guard is an impartial, third-party observer.

Good record keeping can provide valuable information on safety, security, and productivity patterns. By hiring a security guard for record-keeping purposes, you gain both an active deterrent to crime and a valuable administrative asset.

Monitoring duties takes the responsibility off the shoulders of the business owner and employees, allowing them to focus on their jobs.

4. Shorten Response Times

When a crime is in progress at your business, you need to respond fast. While you call 911, a security guard will be dealing with the situation directly.

Depending on whether you hire armed security guards or not, your security detail may be able to deal with even the most serious of incidents in a way that keeps your employees and customers safe.

Twin City Security offers both armed and unarmed security guards trained to handle every aspect of private security.

Why Hire a Security Guard?

So, that’s the rundown on why you should hire a security guard for your business.

Putting your security in the hands of a trained professional will see your customer satisfaction and workplace safety improve dramatically.

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