See How Great PDFBear Is in Adding Watermarks to Your PDF

Watermarks are more than just a basic stamp; they are an essential feature of any file, particularly secret PDF files. Aside from taking possession, watermarks can be utilized to serve as a reminder to individuals viewing the documents. Examples include ‘Confidential,’ ‘Personal Copy,’ ‘For Viewing Only,’ and ‘Top Secret.’

If you want your watermark to be distinctive, you can create your own or enter your company name and logo. Others will employ a different graphic designer only to develop a respectable and distinctive watermark logo. If you want to easily add a watermark to your PDF documents, you need to use a reliable PDF platform, and PDFBear is for you. To know more about this online tool, this is the article for you.

What is PDFBear?

PDFBear is an internet-based, SSL-encrypted tool that may be accessed at any time. When contrasted to other online watermarking applications, PDFBear makes the procedure easier for you. With this program, you may easily and rapidly add watermark to PDF free of charge. PDFBear can be accessed from any device and browser, making it an ideal tool for folks who are constantly on the move. You can add watermarks to your PDF without restriction as long as you have a stable online connection. You may use cloud technology to fully take advantage of all of PDFBear’s capabilities.

Procedure on How to Add Watermark to PDF

If you’re operating with the free version of PDFBear, you can create a text-based watermark and position it wherever you wish. To use the basic functionality of watermarking files, there is no need to join up or provide any confidential info. Navigate to the PDFBear site on any platform and select the Add Watermark feature. Aside from applying watermarks, there are over 20 other functionalities for your PDF documents that you can use. Once you’ve been redirected to the watermark tool function by PDFBear, the website also includes four simple procedures for adding watermarks. Upload the file to be watermarked or select a file from your Dropbox or Google Drive account.

Enter the text, then select where you like it to appear on the file. PDFBear will provide you with nine different locations for your text-based watermark. Once finished, click ‘Add Watermark,’ and the watermark will be immediately added to all sheets of the PDF file. After that, your file will be ready for download and you can also copy the shareable link and share it with others. PDFBear enables you to upload the watermarked PDF file to Dropbox or Google Drive. If you need to email the file, you can do so straight through the PDFBear service. Simply enter the email address and optionally include a note before sending it to your colleagues.

PDFBear Pro Subscription

You do not have to pay a skilled graphic artist to develop a distinctive watermark for you. Aside from applying watermarks to PDF files, you can purchase PDFBear Pro for a small charge and utilize all of its tools and features with limitless. You may change the opacity and typography of your text-based watermarks with PDFBear Pro. PDFBear Pro features a large selection of fonts, colors, and sizes to choose from. You can also use photos and logos.

You can also still redownload and access your completed and submitted files. All files are secured by 256-bit encrypted technology, ensuring that your documents are not leaked or stolen by someone. If you are unsure about the capabilities of this web application, PDFBear provides a free trial to try if it’s suitable for you. You may experience all of the benefits of PDFBear Pro, such as limitless jobs, unlimited OCR tasks, huge file editing, unlimited storage files, no adverts, and more!

Other Beneficial Tools of PDFBear

Delete PDF Pages

With PDFBear, you will not have to worry if your PDF has few pages that are irrelevant to its purpose. You can freely delete a page or two using this PDF tool. Just submit your file to the server, and you will be given an option to select which page of the PDF you want to remove. It won’t take too long, and you don’t need to ask for other’s assistance since it is user-friendly and simple.

PDF Compress

The compress tool can decrease the size of your PDF file by up to 70%. This makes it easy to handle, the loading time when you view the document is quick, you can easily share the content with others, and you can conserve memory storage. The quality of your PDF file will not be affected by the compression. 

Protect PDF

If you have a large number of private and personal PDF files on your computer, laptop, or phone, you should use PDFBear to protect them from public scrutiny. PDFBear is the most trusted software for securing PDF documents. You can use PDF files without any worries because of this functionality. With the Protect PDF tool, a passcode can be added and prohibit unauthorized viewers to access your files.

Unlock PDF

If you’ve suddenly locked a PDF file and can’t see any way to open it, PDFBear can help. After attaching the password-protected file, enter the security code you established. The software will unlock the PDF document for you in less than a minute, allowing you to access the file.

Split PDF

PDFBear also allows you to split PDF files and even though splitting can be challenging. With PDFBear, it will be easier and simpler. This service, additionally, guarantees that you will acquire a consistent partition of your file’s sections in a matter of seconds. This program assists you in organizing your documents while also lowering the size of your PDF file and will not cause any problems for users.

In A Nutshell

Go online and open PDFBear now that you’ve learned how to utilize its website for watermarking documents little by little.  You may use PDFBear to personalize your watermark, and it will do all of the great labor for you. Try subscribing to PDFBear Pro to get even more out of the customizing options of PDFBear. You can also take advantage of the free trial time before committing.

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