SAP Business One Cloud ERP Software – Supporting the New Normal Ways of Working

With the world experiencing so much tension due to the Coronavirus outbreak and its impact creating global economic crunch, we are bound to find some alternative working methods. Lockdown could not be imposed for the whole year and the businesses can’t be kept shut for the longer time, so what could be the other method to smooth working and yet keeping ourselves safe from getting infected.

The Government recently eased the lockdown imposed on the nation and released the guidelines on the precautionary methods that could be taken while reopening the offices and factories. But, as per the government and for personal safety as well, not more than 33% of the employee strength could be called for work in the offices. So, how to manage the rest of the employees and how to allocate the tasks that could be done from home as well, as not even companies are in a good condition to pay the salaries to all their resources.

Here’s the solution for you – Empower your employees with the freedom to work from home. And how is that possible you would say if the nature of the work doesn’t allow the same. Read below:

Switch to Smart and Safe to Use ERP System – SAP Business One

Data breaching of the confidential business information is the one of the major reasons leaders hesitate to adopt an ERP system. To end this insecurity in the leaders, we have got you covered with the safest ERP system, well accepted worldwide – SAP Business One Cloud ERP Software. SAP Business One transfers the information end-to-end in an encrypted manner, ensuring the extra security of the confidential data.

Also, not just the security of the data, SAP Business One renders a lot to leverage from, such as:

Making Working Culture Simpler for Everyone

If the data transfer becomes easier, people including both the leaders and employees would want to access it and operate it from anywhere at any time, SAP Business One does exactly the same. SAP Business One allows you to access real-time information from anywhere in the world with greater accuracy and efficiency. This makes working from home or office either ways way too simpler than the conventional mode of working. 

Also, for the manufacturing industries even the shift for the shop floor workers and the machinery can be regulated online via SAP Business One cloud system. It alerts you well in advance in case of refinement or updates in the machines and systems. Coronavirus has given us the new opportunity to work and cloud ERP software have grabbed this opportunity so that employees feel themselves safe yet productive while working from home.

Making Deployment Methods and Updates Easier to Install

We understand your struggle and impact on work while the ERP system gets updated or when migration of data happens at the time of installing the software from the scratch. With Cloud SAP Business One implementation, there’s absolutely no hardware and IT support required and everything is done smoothly via browser with speed and efficiency. 

Up-to-Date Information on any Device

As discussed above, the access to information anytime, anywhere also supports the responsiveness of data on any device. Also, it works as smoothly as on the system on mobile making it easier for the leaders to gain access to real-time information of their entire business, performance of employees and sales situation to make mission-critical decisions.

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