Put an End to Challenges in Food Industry with Robust F&B ERP

Food industry is the most sensitive industry as it deals with the health and safety of mankind. People dealing in the food and beverage industry face a consistent challenge of keeping up with the regulatory and safety compliance of the products yet ensuring the shelf life, quality and nutritional value of the perishable items. Unlike other industries, where manufactured products can be utilized, sold and stored as and when needed, the food industry is constrained with the expiry dates of the products. 

Also, as a responsible vendor, a leader in the food industry would always want to deliver the food time on time before the product loses its nutritional value and starts to develop toxic content. A leading brand would always keep the health and safety of its consumers on priority yet maintain the pace with their changing taste buds. 

Now, this seems to be quite tiresome and a complex task if managed manually. Plus, it’s hard to rely on human memory about the information related to expiry, in-stock situations and pending deliverables. All these complexities call for the need for a reliable, compliant and smart solution that understands the industry-specific needs of food business. 

SAP Business One is a proven Food and Beverage ERP capable of efficiently handling the daily struggles and seamlessly managing the workflow of a food business. Understand in detail, the impeccable results that you can achieve by adopting Cloud ERP Solutions like SAP B1 in your organization.

Boost Efficiency of your Food Business with SAP B1 Food and Beverage ERP

In a highly sensitive food business where real-time access to information is everything to make smarter business decisions on the go, SAP Business One renders a 360 degree view of the entire business and each departmental unit so that you can address all your challenges efficiently planning and preparation.

SAP B1 Food and Beverage ERP features specially designed to cater industry specific needs can help you boost efficiency and grow ROI with minimum manual efforts. It can help you:

  1. Define Targets: Since, food items are specific to location and community, SAP B1 can help you define targets per location so that you can plan out strategies to accomplish the same.
  1. Manage Inventory Situation: This ERP keeps you well updated on all meaningful information related to the shelf life of a product batch, inventory and stock remaining to prepare future orders, waste stock products that have crossed expiry dates, etc. 
  1. Ensure Quality Control: It helps you strategically plan and execute quality tests to ensure the safety and quality standards of the products. Earlier done manually used to take quite a lot of effort, now with the ERP not just the time involved in QC has reduced but the level has improved too.
  1. Check the Packing of the Products: Be it raw material or the final product, get rid of the constant pressure of compliant food packaging paper plus the over stock/under stock packaging material available to finish the orders. Automate the complete system and get alerts on the packaging material information too including its safety compliance plus the bill of material with this feature.
  1. Maintain Accounting and Finance: Get reliable and accurate stats and figures to make better and economical decisions critical to business growth with this feature.

Leverage the advantages of implementing SAP Business One Food and Beverage ERP in your company before the complexities grow out of your hand. 

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