Ouch: Signs Your Nose May Be Broken and What to Do

Broken noses are the most common and painful types of facial fractures. For broken noses, time is of the essence. It’s critical to see a doctor and get your nose properly healed if you think there’s a chance it’s broken. 

To help save you time and figure out if it’s is broken versus bruised, these are the broken nose signs to look out for. Keep reading to learn more. 

Common Ways to Break Your Nose 

There are many ways that you could break your nose. A broken nose results from a break or crack in your cartilage. The most common breaks occur along the bridge of the nose or in the septum. 

Sudden impacts to your nose can cause this to happen. This includes car accidents, falling, getting hit during a sport, or walking into a wall. 

Signs of a Broken Nose 

There are several broken nose symptoms. Sharp pain along the bridge of your nose and heavy bleeding are two signs to look for. Swelling around the nose that’s causing the nose to look bent or crooked is another sign. 

Lesser-known symptoms include a stuffy nose that won’t drain, bruising around the nose and eyes, and a rubbing sound when your nose moves.

When to Seek Medical Attention 

You should consider seeking medical attention if you’re experiencing bleeding that won’t stop or if you notice any fluid coming out of your nose. 

If you’re having difficulty breathing or if your nose looks crooked, you should seek medical treatment. A doctor will take an x-ray of your nose and can tell you how bad the break is. 

Treatment for Broken Noses 

To heal a broken nose, you can provide first aid to your nose while at home. This includes pain medication like acetaminophen, as well as cold compress, ice, and head elevation. 

Your doctor may offer to perform rhinoplasty to realign your nose or septoplasty to repair the nasal septum. 

Though it may take some time, most broken noses will recover fully. If you’re not happy with the way your nose looks after it’s healed, there are many cosmetic surgeries that you can undergo to restore your nose. 

Now You Know the Broken Nose Signs to Look For 

These are all the most common broken nose signs to look for when analyzing your nose injury or anyone else’s. Regardless of whether your nose is broken or bruised, it’s going to be painful. By looking for these signs, you’ll know if it’s time to see a doctor or if you can ice and recover on your own.

For broken noses, medical attention can be crucial in ensuring your nose heals in the proper position. Knowing what signs to look for can make all the difference in helping the nose heal. 

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