Orthopaedics treatments and types of orthopaedic surgeries

Bone fractures or trauma are painful occurrences that can severely restrict normalcy in an individual’s life. Some forms of fracture are more common in men and women of a certain age group. As per a study, around 25% of hip fractures occur in Indian men aged between 50 and 70 years.

Regardless of whether fractures occur due to age-related brittleness of bones or due to accidents, one would need to visit an orthopaedist to rectify all bone related disorders. With a Bajaj Health Card in your pocket, consulting such a specialist physician should not strain your finances excessively.

What is orthopaedics?

Orthopaedics is the branch of medical science concerned with the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and correction of skeletal conditions. Muscles, joints, ligaments, nerves, bones and tendons are some portions of the human body that orthopaedics handles. Doctors who specialise in this branch of medicine are known as orthopaedic surgeons or simply orthopaedists.

Such physicians are highly skilled in certain aspects of treatment, which include the following – 

  • Diagnosing dislocations and injuries.
  • Performing surgery and prescribing exercise and medication to treat such injuries.
  • Averting injuries with the help of preventative medicine, which can also slow the progression of age-related bone deformities.
  • Rehabilitating patients using physical therapy and exercises to improve movement, function and strength.

Due to their specialisation, consulting orthopaedists can take a toll on an individual’s finances. Thankfully, with financial products, such as the Bajaj Health Card, availing the best quality treatment is simple today.

Types of orthopaedic surgeries

Orthopaedics often needs to perform invasive procedures to get to the root of a problem with the patient’s body. One can undergo a plethora of surgeries under his/her orthopaedic specialist. 

Some of the common procedures that such a physician performs –

  • Total joint replacement.
  • Total hip replacement.
  • Total knee replacement.
  • Rotator cuff repair.
  • Total shoulder replacement.
  • Ankle surgery.
  • Spine surgery.
  • Arthroscopic surgery.
  • ACL reconstruction.

Depending on the symptoms and diagnosis reports, an orthopaedist determines the right course of treatment for an individual. Regardless of the surgery one undergoes, medical expenses today tend to be significant. A Bajaj Health Card allows you to postpone this sudden financial burden without compromising on the treatment.

What is a health card?

The Bajaj Finserv Health EMI Network Card is a special offering from the reputed NBFC, which can help cardholders afford even the costliest of treatments. With such a card in your pocket, you can divide all hefty medical costs into equated monthly instalments. Clearing your medical bills through monthly payments is easier than bearing the entire expense at once. 

Top features of the Bajaj Health Card

Such a card offers a range of benefits, apart from the conversion of medical bills into EMIs. Listed below are some of its additional features that should aid cardholders when they need to undergo costly procedures. 

  1. Extensive repayment tenor

Not only does such a card allow an individual to clear medical expenses through EMIs, but it also offers a prolonged period to repay these dues. One can choose to repay his/her debt in up to 24 months. Even when the bills are considerable, this repayment tenor can help an individual divide the entire sum into manageable parts.

  1. Digital card, instant access

The health EMI card is completely digital, which means that individuals do not need to wait for a physical card to arrive by mail. Instead, they can start using it almost immediately after their card applications are approved. 

Such a facility is handy, especially in the event of medical emergencies when you require immediate access to funds.

Additionally, digital cards are easier to maintain since there is almost no risk of misplacing your card. All one needs to do is to provide their card details while paying for treatment.

  1. Nominal joining fee

An individual can opt for such a financial tool at affordable rates, ensuring that this joining sum never burdens his/her finances. Moreover, this is just a one-time fee and not an annual subscription model. You only need to pay this amount the first time. One can choose from two varieties of health cards, with joining fees starting from just Rs.589.

  1. High pre-approved limit

The Bajaj Health Card provides a pre-approved limit of up to Rs.4 lakh. Nevertheless, pre-approved limits tend to differ from one cardholder to the next, based on their eligibility.

  1. Diversity in supported treatments

Such a card covers the cost of a wide range of therapies, surgeries and consultations. These include bariatric surgery, cardiac surgery, homoeopathy, IVF treatments, maternity care and even cosmetic procedures. 

With its plethora of features, the health card is quickly turning into an indispensable tool to handle medical expenses. After a hassle-free application, you can undertake a quick health card download. Apply for the health card today and utilise its hefty benefits.