What are the Features of Bajaj Maxima Cargo?

Bajaj Auto is one of the key players in the Indian three-wheeler market, and they have made their strong presence by a considerable lineup of tested and trusted three-wheelers. Bajaj Auto is hugely preferred for both passenger and cargo three-wheelers. They have introduced the Bajaj Maxima Cargo three-wheeler to meet the varied needs of their customers, and that’s why the vehicle is gaining much popularity. Since its launch, the Maxima Cargo is inviting bookings in very large numbers. Let’s talk about the features of the brand new three-wheeler from Bajaj.


Bajaj Maxima has been crafted by keeping the Indian requirements and conditions in mind. The vehicle packs some real punch with features like a long lasting dry clutch, uniaxial balancer for diminishing the vibrations, and reinforced chassis. The Maxima also features a car-like clutch pedal for better handling of the cargo and has also got more full seats from the earlier variants. 

More specifications of the Maxima Cargo are listed below: –

  • It is powered by a 447 cc Single Cylinder IDI Diesel engine which churns 6.61 @ 3400 (Kw @ RPM) and a torque of 23 @ 2000 (Nm @ RPM).
  • The vehicle has a wide wheelbase of 2125mm and kerb weight of 528 kg. 
  • The vehicle can carry a payload of 472 kg, which is almost equal to its own kerb weight. 
  • In the dimension area, the vehicle has a width of 1493 mm and overall height of 1818 mm with grade ability of 18%.
  • Usable tank capacity of the vehicle is 8 litres.  


The Maxima Cargo promises 12 per cent more power and 17 per cent more pick up than the other three wheelers in the market, with credit to its single-cylinder IDI engine. Its triple vortex combustion chamber generates enough air-fuel mixture for efficient combustion, lower carbon emissions and improved mileage. 

The dry clutch which we mentioned earlier, promises more load bearing capacity and has also minimized maintenance and repair requirements.

The gear to wheel mechanical transmission CV shaft comes with a maintenance free period for 100000 km. The vehicle is also packed with a 5-speed gearbox which enhances the overall driving experience and protects the engine in harsh road conditions, which directly reflects in the mileage of the vehicle.

Safety Features 

We have talked about specifications and performance, but a significant department still remains. Most three-wheeler designs are often compromised in one department, which is safety. However, Bajaj Maxima Cargo has some unique safety features which make it stand out from the crowd. The overall structure of the vehicle is less overhanging, which offers a better axle weight distribution for a dynamic balance. The chassis has also been designed with enduring power to enhance the overall service life of the vehicle. In addition to it, the SCUDO design and the halogen twin headlamps also add to the safety list of the three-wheeler.


The ex-showroom price of Bajaj Maxima Cargo in New Delhi is around 1.95 lacs to 2.00 lacs. Secure Three wheeler loan options are available, and you can avail them to drive your Maxima home. The on-road price of the vehicle differs from city to city, so it’s better to visit your nearest Bajaj three wheeler dealership and gather more details about the car. Overall, the Bajaj three wheeler has garnered positive reviews from auto experts and its customers, and hence it is expected to go a long way in the three wheeler market.