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Bajaj Maxima Cargo: Redefining the Indian Three-Wheeler Market

A dominant force in the Indian three-wheeler market, Bajaj Auto has consistently produced reliable three-wheelers that cater to both passenger and cargo needs. One of its popular additions to the market is the Bajaj Maxima Cargo. This vehicle has garnered substantial bookings since its launch due to its versatile features. Let’s delve into the distinct features of this new three-wheeler.


The Bajaj Maxima Cargo, engineered with Indian requirements and conditions in mind, combines robust features and practical design. Key highlights include a durable dry clutch, a uniaxial balancer to minimize vibrations, and a reinforced chassis. Additionally, it features a car-like clutch pedal for better cargo handling and offers more substantial seating compared to its predecessors.

More detailed specifications include:

  • A 447 cc Single Cylinder IDI Diesel engine producing 6.61 @ 3400 (Kw @ RPM) and a torque of 23 @ 2000 (Nm @ RPM).
  • A broad wheelbase of 2125mm and a kerb weight of 528 kg.
  • Payload capacity of 472 kg, nearly equivalent to its own kerb weight.
  • Dimensions of 1493 mm in width, 1818 mm in height, and a grade ability of 18%.
  • An 8-litre usable tank capacity.


The Maxima Cargo offers 12% more power and 17% greater acceleration compared to other market competitors, thanks to its single-cylinder IDI engine. The triple vortex combustion chamber allows for efficient combustion, lower carbon emissions, and improved mileage.

Its long-lasting dry clutch ensures a higher load-bearing capacity and reduces the need for frequent maintenance and repairs. The gear-to-wheel mechanical transmission CV shaft guarantees a maintenance-free period for up to 100,000 km. The vehicle also comes equipped with a 5-speed gearbox to enhance the overall driving experience and protect the engine in harsh road conditions, thereby improving the vehicle’s mileage.

Safety Features

Often, three-wheelers overlook safety considerations in their design, but Bajaj Maxima Cargo deviates from this trend. It offers better axle weight distribution for dynamic balance, thanks to its reduced overhang design. The chassis has been engineered for longevity, thus enhancing the vehicle’s service life. Additionally, the SCUDO design and halogen twin headlamps contribute to the vehicle’s safety features.


The ex-showroom price of Bajaj Maxima Cargo in New Delhi ranges approximately from ‎₹2,83,000 to ₹2,84,000 INR. There are three-wheeler loan options available, which can be availed to finance your purchase. Please note that the on-road price varies from city to city. For accurate pricing, we recommend visiting your nearest Bajaj three-wheeler dealership for detailed information.

In summary, the Bajaj Maxima Cargo has earned positive reviews from auto experts and customers alike, suggesting a promising future in the three-wheeler market.

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