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7 Benefits of Using a Jeep Lift Kit

If you have a Jeep Wrangler JK, or any other Jeep, you most likely want to make the most of its off-road capabilities. Your first priority should be to add a lift kit to provide a solid base for any other modifications you may make. So, what exactly will a lift kit do for your performance?

Better Ground Clearance

A lift kit can add inches of height to your Jeep which protects your vulnerable undercarriage from damage. You’re bound to encounter a lot of large rocks, logs and undergrowth on the trail. The extra height is also helpful for crossing water, such as creeks and floods. Don’t forget to install a step so that you can still get in.

Upgraded Suspension

A lift can give your suspension more travel, making uneven terrain a breeze. Lifts also strengthen your suspension with aftermarket replacement parts, giving it more durability. Your suspension will improve, but be aware that you may bounce around in the seat a little more.

More Climbing

If you’re looking to do some serious obstacle climbing in your Jeep, you’ll need room to modify your suspension even further. A lift is the first step— then you can add specialized drive trains and bigger axles. With the right kit, you could even climb a tree.

Bigger Tires

Lifting your rig makes room for bigger and better tires. There are various off-roading tires specialized for different types of terrain. For example, mudding tires are different from tires meant for traversing sand. Bigger wheels also give you even more height, enhancing the lift you already have.

Heavier Hauls

A higher center of gravity means you can tow more reliably. You also have more room to sag while under load, so you aren’t at as much risk of bottoming out. If you’ve paired your lift with bigger tires, your wheels have more surface area, which helps with traction. You can help haul your friends out of a sticky situation on your next trip or bring along other fun toys like ATVs and jet skis.

Greater Acceleration

More traction and a higher center of gravity mean you will have an easier time accelerating from a stop, as well. This is especially helpful on steep inclines. However, this doesn’t improve your overall speed. You may experience lower gas mileage and you need to be extra careful taking turns at speed.

Cooler Aesthetics

Modifying your Jeep is a big part of the fun of recreational off-roading. Getting your Jeep just right is a personal journey, but the first step is always a lift. Jeep lift kits make you look big and tough on the road while signaling other Jeep drivers that you’re about that life. You can then move on to adding other cool accessories, like grill guards and overhead lighting.

Lift kits are essential for any Jeep owner interested in off-roading or enhancing their AWD capabilities. Put careful consideration into which configuration will work best for your lifestyle. Reach out to a reputable dealer of Jeep parts for expert advice on where to start.

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