Orthopaedic Surgery: 5 Things You Should Before Going Under The Knife

Pain in the joints, knees or ligaments can give you a tough time since it becomes a barrier in your everyday life! If you have visited the orthopaedic surgeon and he has advised that you have no other option other than to get it operated, do take out some time and think about it. You should not go through surgery without being fully aware of the present scenario, the process of treatments and post-complications. If you consult Max Healthcare, you can be treated by the best orthopaedic doctor in South Delhi since Max healthcare took a pledge to provide comprehensive, seamless and integrated service of world-class quality to make you fit and fine in a jiffy! With a chain of 29 hospitals and 23000+ best doctors, they just not take care of your physical health but equally about your mental and emotional being.

Before you undergo surgery, here is a list of 5 things you must know.

  1. There can be some other remedies! If your doctor is insisting on going under a surgery directly, take a break from him and consult other doctors or do your bit of research. There are plenty of medications, homemade remedies that might work wonders! Try them first. But it should be said that it all depends on the condition of your joints and how bad is it affected.
  2. After you go through surgery, you have to take some physical therapy. While you consult the best orthopaedic doctor in South Delhi, he will be telling you that post the operation, it will take some time to heal the wounds. And for complete fixation of the affected joints or ligaments, you might have to make some rays or physiotherapies for the betterment of it. But do not start taking it if your doctor has prescribed something else as the post-operation treatment.
  3. There are not many complications related to the treatment procedure or surgery. So do not be afraid. The operations almost have a 95-97% success rate, and often there are not many complications related to it. If you are under the required rest and take the prescribed medicines and therapies in time, it will not take much time before you go back on your feet again!
  4. It is, indeed a costly affair! Surgeries, the hospital and doctor charges, operation theatre costs can be pricy! Get an idea of the approximate budget your doctor is offering and check if that is okay for you. But at Max Healthcare, you just do not get the best orthopaedic doctor in South Delhi, but also the best care providers and best facilities but at a very minimum budget. Thus it is easily affordable for most of the citizens without compromising with the quality of the treatment.
  5. It will take a while before you completely recover. Do not expect to go running or get back to your daily schedule from the very next week of the operation. It will take time and rest is the only answer to a proper cure!