No More Rodents! 5 Steps To Eradicating Mice in the Office

Over 14 million American households have a rodent infestation. Having mice at home is one thing. A rodent issue in the office is another problem all together. 

Having mice in the office can put your employees at risk of diseases, disrupt the team, and compromise workplace cleanliness. If you’ve noticed signs of mice in the office, but you’re unsure how to fix the situation, we have you covered.

Here are five tips on a few simple steps you can take to prevent mice in the office.  

1. Block Entry Points

The first step on how to avoid mice in the office is to seal off entry points.

This will prevent rodents from squeezing into the workplace and wrecking havoc. Go around the office and check whether you can fit a pencil into any cracks you find. If you can, that means it’s large enough for a mouse to fit through.

When you fill these entry points, avoid applying plastic or rubber. Mice can gnaw through these materials.    

2. Lay Down Mouse Traps 

“Can you work with mice in the office?” Since the answer is no, you should lay down mouse traps to control the population.  

You can start by leaving wooden snap traps around the office, especially if you have a light or moderate problem. To ensure you have the situation under control, it’s wise to hire a pest control company. Read more about these services so you can hire a professional that will handle the issue promptly.

3. Find the Right Bait 

If you’re not sure how to get rid of mice in the office, choose the right bait for your traps. For instance, chocolate, dried fruit, and peanut butter are great ways to attract rodents. 

Once you’ve laid the trap, tie the bait with fishing line as it will stop the mouse from running off with its snack. As a general rule, replace the bait every two days, otherwise it could deter rodents instead of attracting them.   

4. Remove Food Sources 

When you have a mice problem in the office, it’s important to remove food sources. Make sure your team cleans up after themselves so there aren’t crumbs or leftover debris in the kitchen area.

Furthermore, encourage employees to store their lunches in airtight containers that are rodent-proof. And avoid storing food in plastic bags since mice can easily tear through them.  

5. Clean Your Office Regularly 

If you’re dealing with mice in the office, health and safety can be boosted by regularly deep-cleaning the workplace. Hire a professional cleaning company to take the garbage out every night and wipe down surfaces as it will prevent pests from infesting the office. And remove any debris or clutter outside of the office as mice often hide in them. 

Eliminate Mice in the Office Today

Hopefully, after reading this article, you know how to remove mice in the office. 

There are many ways you handle rodents such as blocking entry points, removing food sources, and hiring cleaning services to deep-clean the office. You should also find the right bait and lay down mouse trips to control the population. Good luck!

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