Little-Known Facts About Teen Mental Health

During adolescence, teenagers are at the most vulnerable time. Statistics show that about 14% of 10-19 year-olds are likely experiencing mental illnesses secretly. Mental health issues in teens, just like drug addiction, are hard to discuss.

However, as parents, you must always be aware of this risk to teen mental health. You must educate yourselves about mental illness, as well as the dangers this disorder can pose to today’s youth.

For teens struggling with mental illness, we must acknowledge that these are very easily curable disorders – and we must raise awareness by educating others on the facts. Continue reading to learn more about teens and mental health.

Both Substance Use and Mental Illness Starts in Adolescence

The beginning of mental health disorders occurs either in childhood or adolescence. About half of the mental disorders begin by the mid-teen.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness survey shows that treatment usually begins a few years later. The delay gives teens room to experiment with self-medication.

Drug abuse can occur at any stage in life. But, in teens, it happens at the same period the first sign of mental health disorder appears. Experimenting with drugs is very common in teens at this stage.

You will find teens drinking and using drugs to fit in with peers. But, most teenagers abuse drugs to help them cope with mental problems. Such problems include conduct, anxiety, and mood disorders.

Most Mental Health Conditions and Substance Abuse Co-occur

Both mental health and drug abuse affect the same brain area, and the two often co-occur. People suffering from anxiety or mood dysfunctions are twice likely to suffer from drug addiction. The vice-versa is true.

When a person suffers from mental health and drug addiction, they have a dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders. Mental illness can lead a person into drug addiction. Also, mental illness symptoms can be a sign of drug abuse.

If left untreated, the risk of developing both disorders increases significantly. That’s why teens need to get help early.

Teen Mental Health Disorder Is More Common Than You Think

Mental health in teens statistics shows that about 17.1 million children in the US have experienced psychiatric disorders. That number is above that of children with diabetes, cancer, and AIDS combined. 1 in 5 teens either have or will have a serious mental illness.

Ten percent of teens have conduct disorders. 11 percent of teens suffer from mood disorders. Eight percent of teens have anxiety disorders. Yet, these statistics scratches the surface.

Teens are struggling with mental illnesses all around us. If your kid is showing signs of mental illness, know that you’re not alone.

Mental Health Disorders Are From Relationship Difficulties

Stressors weigh down friendships and romantic teen relationships. The stressors can bring about mental illness symptoms.

Teen relationships are ever-changing due to the lack of coping skills. The skills help in handling emotional disruptions that happen when teen relationships end.

Do you know that equine assisted psychotherapy is an effective solution for teen mental health issues?

Early Intervention Is Critical

Teens are undergoing daily brain development. It is for that reason it is vital to treat signs of mental illness immediately the signs appear. Note that as a parent, it’s never too early to intervene.

Teens have different needs that should receive integrated treatment. The treatment combines both addiction treatment therapy with psychiatric strategies.

Early integrated treatment lowers suicide attempts and relapse rates. The treatment also encourages long-term drug abstinence for teens in recovery.

You Now Know Facts About Teen Mental Health

Teen mental health is a serious issue. Don’t hesitate to seek help for your teen if you suspect or notice signs of mental illness.

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