Keto Diet: 5 Foods that You Must Include in Your Diet

Keto diet has been one of the most popular diets of this decade, it has been around for quite some time and looks like it is here to stay. The amount of results it has shown is mind blowing and people are preferring keto diets over all the other ones out there. 

Keto diet is basically done when you consume fewer carbs throughout your day. After that, your body goes into the state of Ketosis. Now you might ask what ketosis is, it is a state in which your body doesn’t have enough carbs to generate energy. Therefore, it will burn your fat and use it as the primary source of energy. 

Following a Keto diet is not as easy as it might look. During the early days of your keto diet, it’s going to be difficult because your body is not used to that routine. It won’t be long until your body gets used to your new diet. 

To get the best out of your keto diet, you should include these foods in your keto recipes. 

Keto diet is different from intermittent fasting, you need proper nutrients in this diet but with fewer carbs. If you don’t like to go through all the hassle of collecting these food items then you can also use powdered keto broth in your keto soup

Here is the list of 5 foods that you should include in your keto diet. 


Seafood is very keto-friendly as most of it is carb-free, but not all. You can include salmon fish in your diet because it is rich in vitamin B, selenium and potassium. But they are carb-free. Below are the types of fish you can have in your keto dinner recipes. These fishes are rich in omega-3 fats, which can be useful to increase your insulin levels.  

  1. Sardines
  2. Salmon
  3. Mackerel


  • Good for weight loss
  • Full of nutrients
  • Increases insulin levels
  • Improves mental health

Low-Carb Vegetables

Many non-starchy veggies contain few carbs and calories. They are high in nutrients as well. But you should stay away from starchy vegetables that can harm your overall keto diet. Starchy veggies include potatoes, beets, etc. Vegetables also contain fiber. They also contain antioxidants that have proven to help with unstable molecules that can damage your cells. 


  • Reduces the risk of various heart disorders
  • Keep you fuller throughout the day


If you thought keto diet is difficult, then how about we add something delicious in it. Cheese is a nutrient-dense food that contains a high amount of fats and very few carbs. Making it a keto-friendly food. Although cheese is high in saturated fats, but it hasn’t done any harm to those who use it in their diet. 


  • Increases muscle mass
  • Improves strength 
  • High in protein with few carbs


The reason why avocados are in this list is that it contains high number of healthy nutrients. If you take half the avocado then it will have about 8 carbs. Out of which 6 are fiber and 2 are carbs.  It contains minerals and vitamins such as potassium. Avocados have proven to reduce LDL while increasing HDL. 


  • Controls cholesterol
  • Decreases bad cholesterol
  • Increases good cholesterol 

Meat and Poultry

Now coming to the most important food that can do wonders in your keto diet. Meat and poultry food is high in protein and other nutrients. They contain no carbs and are rich in vitamin B, zinc and potassium. You should prefer grass-fed animals because of their natural environment, the meat of a grass-fed animal will always be more nutritious and healthy for you. They contain a high level of omega-3 fats that are good for your health.


  • Helps increase muscle mass
  • Protein is good for weight loss
  • Preserves muscle mass 


Including the foods that I have mentioned will increase the chance of your keto diet being successful. Activating the ketosis state can be easy, but you need proper food and nutrition to make it successful. Otherwise, you will end up having side effects such as headaches, stomach pain, and weakness. These foods contain fewer carbs but are high in protein and other vital nutrients.