Invisalign Braces: How to Determine If They Are Right for You

In the past, most braces patients were children or teens. Yet, more and more adults are getting braces to improve their dental health and get a straighter smile. Nowadays, more than twenty percent of people with braces are adults! 

This increase is partly due to the prevalence of alternative teeth alignment methods, such as Invisalign braces. These clear removable aligners gradually shift your teeth without the need for metal wires. And you can remove them as necessary. 

But why do so many people choose invisible braces over traditional ones? And, how can you determine whether Invisalign is right for you?

This post will answer these questions and help you decide whether you should get Invisalign, so keep reading to learn more! 

You Aren’t Happy with the Appearance of Your Smile

Do you have the habit of keeping your mouth closed when you smile? Or do you cover your mouth when you laugh?

Even if your teeth have minimal alignment issues, they can lead to low self-confidence. Yet, many patients use Invisalign to improve the appearance of their smile and improve their self-esteem! 

Moreover, straightening your teeth will improve your dental health and decrease your risk for gum disease and tooth decay. 

You Want an Alternative to Traditional Braces

Many patients prefer Invisalign because it has no wires or metal. So, you may find that it doesn’t rub against your gums and mouth like braces tend to do. And the smooth plastic that makes Invisalign trays is much less bothersome. 

Of course, there are other alternatives to traditional braces, so be sure to discuss your options with a dentist before deciding. 

You Prefer Discreet Treatment Methods

Some patients, especially adults, get embarrassed or worried about their appearance with braces. If you have similar concerns, you can rest assured that Invisalign is barely noticeable. So no one will realize you have it unless you tell them! 

You Have Good Oral Hygiene Habits

While using clear aligners, good oral hygiene is crucial! Since the clear plastic trays cover your teeth, bad hygiene can cause a build-up of bacteria, leading to plaque, tartar, and other serious dental issues. 

Thankfully, if you already brush and floss regularly, you won’t have to worry about altering your habits. But, you will need to remember to clean your trays a couple of times a day, especially in the morning and after meals. 

You Have a Busy Schedule

If you don’t have much free time, going to the dentist every couple of weeks would be a hassle. But, Invisalign doesn’t require patients to see their orthodontist as frequently as metal braces. Instead, you can change your aligners at home using a plan from your dental practitioner. 

You’re Willing to Wear Your Aligners 22 Hours a Day

Many people wonder, ” Is Invisalign faster than braces?” Often, braces give patients faster results because they cannot remove them, meaning they are shifting the teeth 24/7. 

On the other hand, Invisalign is removable, and patients need to wear them 22 hours a day. That means that they should only take them out for meals. Failure to do so results in longer treatment times. 

You Don’t Mind Paying a Little Extra

Of course, another important thing to consider is Invisalign vs braces cost. So, how much are Invisalign braces?

Typically, Invisalign costs anywhere from two to seven thousand dollars, but this greatly depends on where you live and the extent of your treatment. So, be sure to ask your orthodontist about Invisalign braces cost before making up your mind.

You Play Sports or a Musical Instrument

If you play a wind instrument, your dentist will likely recommend Invisalign since it allows you to play during your treatment and without removing your aligners. 

Moreover, if you’re an athlete, especially one that plays contact sports, having Invisalign is safer than traditional braces. If an accident were to occur, the metal braces could cut your injure your lips, gums, or tongue. Yet, Invisalign doesn’t have any metal or sharp edges, so you’re teeth will stay protected. 

You’re Willing to Follow Invisalign Aftercare

After any orthodontic treatment, you’ll need to develop good habits if you want to keep your teeth looking their best. So, even after you finish your Invisalign treatment, you will need to wear a retainer at night to prevent your teeth from shifting. 

Moreover, most dentists have their Invisalign patients return every six months for a cleaning and exam, which keeps their teeth looking their best. 

Your Dentist Recommends Invisalign

Perhaps the best way to determine whether Invisalign is right for you is by scheduling a consultation with your dentist. After taking some x-rays and performing a physical examination of your mouth, they’ll come up with a treatment plan that can fix your alignment issues in no time. 

And, if you’re a good candidate for Invisalign, they’ll let you know! Plus, your family orthodontist is the best person to ask about the difference between Invisalign vs braces.

Straighten Your Teeth with Invisalign Braces

With the help of this post, you have a better idea of whether you are a good candidate for Invisalign braces. So, if you’re convinced, make an appointment with your dentist or orthodontist! They’ll guide you through the process and tell you everything you need to know about treating your misalignment issues with Invisalign.

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