July 19, 2024
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7 Ways to Upgrade Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

The bedroom is where you get to recharge and rest after a whole day. Thus, you need it to be the coziest room in the home. But, little things like an uncomfortable bed, light from outside, noises, and colors on your wall can impact how restful your sleep is, so your room must be cozy and cute, but again conducive for a restful nights sleep. Making upgrades is the best way to wind down at the end of the long day and get your best slumber ever. Plus, they are easy fixes you can try out. Below are 7 upgrades for your bedroom to help you sleep better. 

Change your mattress 

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Most mattresses after seven years or more are not fit to use. Therefore, if you are still using yours for more than these years, it is time to swap it out for a new puffy mattress quality. When focusing on upgrading your bedroom space, the mattress, pillows, and covers should be a part of the upgrade. You need a soft, cozy, and supportive mattress as it shouldn’t hurt when you wake up. The mattress you choose to buy says a lot about how well you will sleep and what you prefer. 

Switch to blackout curtains

Do you have light pollution and sunlight coming into your bedroom? Light impacts the quality of sleep you get, and it is best to keep it out. Black-out curtains are a great way to ensure your room stays dark and help you sleep better. You can choose one with a color that blends with the theme of your bedroom and the size you prefer. Once you start using them, you will see the difference between your room and sleep quality. 

Banish disruptive noises

Disturbing noise: What level of noise is too much? - Jy en die RegJy en die  Reg

According to sleep medicine experts, the brain, while we sleep, processes sound, and silence is best for proper rest. Therefore, it is best to invest in a white noise machine to help you sleep better. Today, you can get white noise from an app on your phone to help block the disruptive background sounds. So, use your white noise to cover up noises and eliminate other sounds that can keep you awake. 

Keep your phone away from your bedroom 

Choosing to upgrade your room with keeping out your phone will be the best decision to sleep better. Any electronics before bedtime can impact your sleep. Thus, getting rid of the devices is best. Due to the blue light they emit, it disrupts your circadian rhythm. Therefore, an hour before bedtime, keep your phone in a different room. Buy an alarm clock to add to your nightstand to help you wake up instead of your phone.

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Buy a more supportive pillow

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Changing the pillows as you upgrade your room should be done more often than you realize. After every two years, it is best to replace your bed pillows. But, the most vital thing is the pillow supports your neck. For a real upgrade, shop for quality pillows. Such bed pillows allow you to adjust them to whatever position you choose to sleep in, and it provides better ventilation keeping you cool at night as you sleep. 

Use a diffuser with lavender oil 

Lavender is great to help you fall asleep. It decreases blood pressure and heart rate. Therefore, it helps keep your body in an ideal relaxed state to fall asleep. There are various ways to incorporate lavender in your sleep and bedroom space. Add lavender oil to your diffuser. Choose a diffuser that adds style to your bedside table and use it to fill your room with a lavender scent to help you fall asleep fast.  

Make your bed 

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Making your bed is vital, and it impacts your sleep. When your bed is neat and well made, your bedroom instantly gets an upgrade. When it is untidy and not made, your room looks and feels messy. Thus, catching some sleep is difficult. Therefore, start your day off by keeping your bedroom tidy as an automatic upgrade to your room. Choose fresh beddings and new ones if you must to make making your bed fun, and the thought of using your new bedding designs will make you straighten your bed every morning. 

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