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Tricks On How To Make A Big Room Fuller

When decorating a room, the variety of options is practically endless. You could spend a whole lifetime looking at different sofas, dressers, bookcases, and the likes, yet still, be no closer to picking the right one.

Many furniture stores may have you covered in all these regards, and your home may be quickly fitted with all kinds of versatile solutions for modern living. However, somehow the big rooms still seem bare and lacking in personality.

That’s where a painting comes in to save the day. Paintings and art are an excellent way to add value and personal touch to your property. They breathe life into any room they reside within and provide an extra feeling of warmth and comfort that a sofa simply cannot.

Lilacs In The Window By Mary Cassatt

Flowers are the prettiest ways to liven up any room and give it a more significant appearance of fullness. Everybody loves flowers for the feelings and energy of happiness they invoke. However, flowers require constant care and only last a couple of weeks.

Why not invest in a painting or paintings of flowers instead? They will brighten up your room, but they will also give it a vibrant feeling of warmth and spirit. So you can have your home feeling like spring all year round.

Many artists have used colorful flowers as a focus for their still life portraits, so there are many great options to choose from, like Mary Cassatt. Her flowers artwork has both qualities of realism and aliveness and would make an excellent choice in any home. No wonder flowers are the best ways to paint your life colorfully and make the room fuller. 

Mount Corcoran By Albert Bierstadt

A sprawling landscape painting is another fantastic way to brighten and fill up any room and give it a feeling of greater depth. These beautiful paintings instill an essence of excitement into a room while at the same time offering an air of comfort and contentment.

A landscape painting can also amplify the space within a large room, making it appear even larger and more grandiose. They also hold host to a wide variety of topics. Topics such as rolling mountains or a ship sailing on rough seas can provide the perfect addition to the theme of any wall.

Albert Bierstadt is one of the premier masters of these kinds of paintings. His epic artwork of the great American plains, rivers, and mountains stimulates one’s heart with inspiration and awe and would be the perfect focal piece over the fireplace.

A Horse Frightened By a Lion By George Stubbs

If you want to add more life to your living room, then a painting involving animals might be the right choice. Nothing else embodies both the spirit of life and the elegance of movement and the power of nature quite like that of the animal kingdom.

For centuries animals have been used as a topic for beauty portrait pieces and symbolize human and natural principles. Furthermore, everybody loves animals, and if you were to hang one on your wall, you would undoubtedly get positive comments from friends and visitors alike.

English artist George Stubbs was one of the leading horse painters. His paintings perfectly encapsulate the style and beauty of the animal. They would be another fantastic choice for bringing some fullness to a big room, especially if you have a romantic heart and a caring soul.

The Night Watch By Rembrandt

Another way to trick a room into appearing fuller is to add a painting with a lot going on inside it. It will keep your eyes busy and your mind stimulated, but you will never feel alone, and the room will never feel empty.

An example of one such painting is “The Night Watch” by Dutch master Rembrandt van Rijn. It is considered one of his finest works, but moreover, there is so much detail and stuff happening within the large-scale painting that you could spend hours viewing it and never get bored.

It is littered with such deep symbolism and layered meaning that you may interpret it differently every time. Any painting that portrays many participants or things happening at once is a sure-fire way to add fullness to a large room.

Yellow Red Blue By Wassily Kandinsky

One other way to inject fullness into a room is to fill it with loud and colorful paintings. These vibrant wonders will undoubtedly add life, purpose, and some quirky personality to an otherwise lifeless and empty room.

It would also add a more modern feel to the room than the other paintings on the list, not to mention an element of uniqueness. Furthermore, there are so many modern abstract paintings to choose from that you are genuinely spoiled for choice if your goal is to make your room look like no other.

Wassily Kandinsky was one of the pioneers of abstract art and one of the most profound. His work consists of mind-bending shapes and mind-altering colors. His art would complement any room on its own or alongside any other modern artist in a colorful collage of paintings.


Decorating a room can be challenging, and it’s no wonder that interior designers get paid so well. However, once the carpets are laid and the walls are painted, the real fun of expressing yourself begins. Choosing the paintings for life that depict your personality and individuality is unquestionably one of the essential parts of any room.

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