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Guide: How Not to Get Confused Between the Trilby and the Fedora?

It’s 2022, and men express their fondness for style and fashion similar to women. The style codes for both men and women are different. However, it’s been common for both genders when it comes to a hat. During the yesteryears, a hat was viewed as a sign of status and class. Hence, men had to wear it mainly as an obligation. Today, a hat is a fun style accessory. Therefore, men wear them to cater to their style and comfort. 

Wearing a hat is a stylish way to complete your attire. And if you look without a bias, not every hat gets created equally. And while a few hats are athletic and casual, other hats are classier! And at times, people tend to compare it with a trilby hat. If you want to opt-in for a sleek and stylish look, you must choose the men’s fedora

People often confuse the Fedora and the Trilby because both these hats come with a dapper edge and classical touch. Since both these hats look similar, it gets tough to select between them two. Are you all set to find the best-brimmed hat that will complement your face and fit comfortably on your head? If yes, you can say yes to Fedora. And just so that you don’t get confused between the Fedora and the Trilby, you can read the remaining part of the article, which will help you to decide better. 

The difference between a Trilby and Fedora

Owing to their structural similarity, men often confuse between the Trilby and the Fedora. But these two hats come with vast differences. The trilby brim is very different from that of a fedora when it comes to the trilby brim. The fedora hats have a wide brim which is usually flat. On the other hand, the trilbies showcase short edges, which can get turned slightly upwards right at the back. The crucial difference between these two hats is how men wear them. Usually, the Trilby gets worn towards the back titled forward, and the Fedora gets worn slightly forward so that it can secure the eyes. 

Understanding the Trilby 

The Trilby is the kind of hat that showcases a short brim that gets angled towards the front and turns up a little towards the back. This style was first seen when George du Maurier’s novel Trilby was staged for the first time back in 1984. The hat style grew in popularity with the book’s name. And even though the trilby hats were made using the rabbit felt, today they are made using straw, wool, or tweed. 

Wearing the trilby hat

If you want to sport a Trilby, you should go all out and embrace the youthful vibe that the hat has. It also brings with it the new-age styles and designs. You need to aim for a semi-formal and smart-casual look and pair your hay with fitted shirts, slim trousers, and loafers. Choose unique accessories to complete the look. In case you are wearing the Trilby during the summer months, you can select the straw style hat in shades of beige, white or off-white. And in case you wish to wear the trilby hat during the winter month, you can choose a design made from felt. 

Understanding the Fedora

A fedora hat looks distinct and sober. It showcases a pinch close to the front and comes with a shallow indented crown. Additionally, it also comes with a round brim that gets slightly wider compared to the trilby hat. If you read about the history of the Fedora hat, you will find that it came into existence in 1891 after a play of the same name. Soon after, the fedora hat became famous for men and women. The hat is timeless, and it gets made using cotton fabric and durable felt, and it is apt for weather conditions. You can wear this hat forward, which will help keep the head secured from the sun. 

Wearing the trilby hat

The Fedora is one of the stylish hats that gets worn by many men today, and it can get paired with several outfits. But this hat looks its best when you wear it with sleek ensembles and smart attires. Hence, this hat is the best accessory when you wear it with a formal and semi-formal occasion. And to accomplish your look, you have the option to pair the fedora hat with a classy suit or smart trousers along with a fitted shirt and a coat, vest, or blazer. 

These are some of the stark and crucial differences between the Trilby and the fedora hat that will prevent you from getting confused. Once you are aware of the differences, you can style this hat better with your attires and look your best. Furthermore, you can make the selection wisely and with complete know-how. 

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