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What is an E-Hookah?

E-cigarettes are taking the market by storm. The number of people using these popular vaping devices keeps on going up each year. Many people are now using these devices for leisure, as an alternative to traditional cigarettes, or as a means to wean them off smoking. Various modifications to e-cigarette devices have been introduced—including vape pens, e-pipes, vape mods, sub-ohm tanks, e-hookah and so on.

While you may have already heard of, seen, or used some of the above-listed devices, e-hookahs might be new to you. Just like e-cigarettes, those looking to break away from using a traditional hookah can now use an e-hookah. You will enjoy an experience similar to that of a traditional hookah only that the e-hookah option is safer. 

There are a lot of posts available online regarding e-cigarettes, but few of these posts mention e-hookahs or e-shishas. E-hookahs are like an upgraded version of the traditional shisha and what makes it even better is that it comes in various forms. In this post, we discuss in detail what is e-hookah, the various types available, how an e-hookah works and so on.

What is e-hookah or e-shisha?

An e-hookah is more like an upgraded version of both e-cigarettes and traditional hookah. It is bigger, more aesthetically pleasing and the overall experience of using is much better. It is like gaining the entire shisha experience from a device resembling a sharpie.

E-hookah devices are similar to e-cigarettes in terms of components, having a battery to provide power to heat the e-liquid, a tank to hold the e-liquid and an atomizer. E-hookah devices are also available in both disposable and rechargeable forms. It comes with a button that you press to power on the device.

How is an e-hookah different from e-cigarettes?

Since the components of the e-hookah are like those of e-cigarettes, you might be asking yourself the question, “What is an e-hookah?” and how is it different from e-cigs? The truth is they are very much alike in terms of functionality. However, e-hookahs are much more elegant and their e-liquids focus more on flavour rather than a nicotine hit.

In fact, most of the e-liquids used in e-hookahs are free of nicotine and produce large clouds of vapour along with a more pleasant flavour. Combined with their elegant looks, e-hookahs provide a classy vaping experience that is unmatched by other electronic cigarettes.

Types of e-hookah devices available

Disposable e-hookah

Disposable e-hookahs borrow the concept of disposable e-cigarettes, only that they are hookah-themed. These devices come with an inbuilt battery and a chamber already prefilled with an e-liquid. Once the e-liquid runs out, the device is disposed of. There is a wide variety of flavours available for disposable e-hookahs. Some contain nicotine and some are nicotine-free.

Refillable e-hookah

Again, the concept of refillable e-hookah is based on refillable e-cigarettes where you can refill the e-liquid chamber once the e-liquid runs out. In addition, these devices come with a USB port and a cable for recharging once the battery is low. Just like disposable e-hookahs, you also have a wide variety of e-liquid flavours to choose from.

E-hookah head

This is a more advanced version of e-hookahs, that can be compared to vape mods in functionality. They are much bigger, use bigger apparatus and emit big clouds of smoke. The e-hookah head has been designed to resemble a traditional hookah, having a bowl attached to a hookah pipe and the vape passing through water before you get the hit and so on. The e-hookah head is much more advanced and enables you to adjust the voltage. 

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