June 25, 2024
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Ordering a Custom Range Hood: 5 FAQs Answered

Range hoods improve the air quality in your kitchen by removing fume, smoke, grease, and odors. Range hoods suck up polluted air, filter it and carry it outside your kitchen. Various custom range hoods, such as Coppersmith Custom Hoods, are used to improve your kitchen’s aesthetic and add functionality; however, their purpose is the same. This article looks at the frequently asked questions when ordering Custom Range Hood.

Can Someone Order Range Hoods Online?

You can order various custom range hoods from dealers’ online stores. For instance, you can order CopperSmith Custom Hoods and other products such as sinks, bathtubs, and fire pots online. Also, if your project requirements do not fit in any of the options available online, you can order by phone, where you will speak to the brand specialist and specify your requirements. Then you will get a range hood fully customized to meet your kitchen needs.  

Most range hoods are ordered online, so you must have an account with your preferred brand dealers. You can quickly do this by visiting the dealer’s website, filling in the required details, and completing the registration. An account will enable you to log in with your username and password, do quick checkouts, keep more than one address on file, track orders, complete purchases, and much more. 

And if you forget your account login password, you should not worry, as you can always reset it through the password reset link available on the login page. Also, if you experience trouble resetting passwords, you should not hesitate to contact the support team for further assistance.

Do They Have a Reseller or Affiliate Program?

Most range hoods dealers like CopperSmith Custom Hoods are now accepting applications to their trade partnership program. Mainly they allow applications from contractors, interior designers, architects, and showrooms. Applicants who qualify for the program enjoy exclusive discounts, specialized design services, and free samples. As an applicant, you are required to have a business license, which is essential in verifying that you are a trade professional. 

You are also required to have a valid certification in your area of specialization in the industry and a minimum experience of two years in the business. Once you submit your trade application, it is reviewed and later contacted. For instance, in the case of Coppersmith custom hoods, the brand specialist will review your application within 1-2 working days. And will contact you directly regarding your application or if more information is required. 

Also, an email notification regarding the status of your application will be sent to your address within the standard review time. You can also reach the brand specialist team and inquire about the status of your application. When applying for a reseller program, you should note that you are charged a sales tax determined by the delivery state address. If you are tax-exempt, check out more details on the dealer’s guide for becoming their trade partner.

What Are the Supported Payments Options and Terms Applied?

To successfully place an order for the custom range hood, you must complete payment using the major credit card payment options. For instance, Coppersmith Custom Hoods supports credit card options such as Discover, American express, visa, and MasterCard. However, they do not accept payment options such as crypto, check, wire transfer, and cash. 

Coppersmith Custom Hoods also allows you to split your payment into two separate payments, where they have partnered with financing partners such as Klarna to improve your shopping experience. If you choose Klarna in your checkout, you have an option to shop at the moment and make payments later, making your shopping experience smooth, effortless, and fun. Klarna also allows you to split your purchase cost into four payments.

All you need to do is to add the debit or credit card you choose for payment, and the system automatically deducts the partial amount every two weeks. No interest is also charged if you have enough funds to complete payments on time. Choosing a partial payment option in Klarna help spread the cost of purchases over time. 

To use the Klarna financing option, just add your items to the cart and proceed to the checkout; choose Klarna and how you would like to pay for your purchases at the checkout. After that, you can manage your orders and payments on the Klarna platform.

Which Shipping Methods Do Custom Range Hoods Brands Use?

The choice of shipping method depends on the products you include in your order and the shipping location. For instance, Coppersmith Custom Hoods will offer UPS Ground shipping, LTL Freight Carriers, and DHL Express shipping. 

They also offer three delivery options: Residential Curbside Delivery, their standard service included in every order, and the delivery team is not required to carry the product to your house or remove any debris, pellets, or thrush from your premises. 

Another delivery option is Upgraded Inside Garage Delivery. The buyer pays an additional $150 to deliver the product to his garage; however, the delivery drivers will not remove trash, debris, or pellets from your premises. 

The third delivery option is White Glove Delivery, where the customer pays an additional $350. The delivery team carries the product to the residential room of your choice, helps you unbox all items, and removes debris. 

Do Custom Range Hoods Dealers Offer Installation Services?

Most of the custom range hoods dealers do not offer installation services. However, some dealers like Coppersmith Custom Hoods will provide you with the installation guide and also provide you with the names of custom range hood installers whom they trust. However, these installers do not belong to Coppersmith Custom Hoods specialists, so you are liable for any damage that may result during installation.


More often, when a potential buyer wants to place an order for custom range hoods, one is faced with some difficult questions. Many ask whether they can order the product online or whether the custom range hoods store has reseller or affiliate programs. Others also want to know the terms and payment methods supported by various dealers, the shipping method used, and the delivery options. Potential buyers also want to know whether the seller offers installation services. All these questions have been addressed in this article.

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