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What to Consider When Choosing a Furniture Storage Provider

Whether you are planning a move and need a place to handle both things in the form of a removals and storage provider, or you are just looking for somewhere to hold some items for you, it is important to choose a service provider with experience and secure storage units. Finding the right storage facility and removal professionals takes a bit of preparation but is easier when you know what to consider.

Factors to think about as you look

With many storage unit providers and removalists out there, here are things to consider so that you get the best option for your needs.

1) Where are they located?

If you need to access your belongings often then you will want to choose a facility that operates close to you so that it is more convenient. The location is less of an issue if you will not need to go back to the unit often.

2) What kind of security features do they offer?

You want to place your furniture and other belongings in a place that is safe so check what features they have. Things like cameras, fire safety devices, security guards, fencing and perhaps even pest control measures. You don’t want mice gnawing at your antique table!

3) Do you need a removals and storage provider?

Some places are just storage providers. Some are just removalists. But if you are moving as well as needing storage finding someone that does both can save you time and money. It is one less thing to arrange and some might even offer packages or deals that mean you save even more.

4) How much storage room do you need?

Not all storage places offer the same amount of space for your belongings. If you just have small items and boxes to store that is fine, but if you have bigger items like furniture then you need a furniture storage provider that offers enough room in both height and width.

5) What are the fees involved?

An important factor when finding a removals and storage provider is how much they cost. Compare fees when you have narrowed down other factors like size, security, removal services and accessibility. Look out for additional fees, what the minimum period is for storing items and anything else that might impact costs. What are the consequences for example for missing a payment?

6) How accessible are they?

It helps to have a facility that is available 24/7 if you need to have access to your items at any time. Some do not have that kind of opening times, some might just have 9-5 opening hours.


A storage unit is a great place to put things when you have nowhere else to put them for now. Whether that is because you have recently downsized, you are moving, or you have inherited some things, a good storage provider can help. If you are moving a removals and storage provider is the best option as you get both services from the same professional people.

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