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What are the Benefits of becoming a GP in Australia?

If you are at the start of your medical training or at the point where you need to decide what path your medical training is going to take you, there are some good reasons to become a GP, or general practitioner. Australian GP salaries are good, better than many countries. After a decade of training should you specialise or head into general medicine? Here is a look at the benefits of being a GP.

Why being a GP is a good idea

A GP is a doctor who focuses on general medical practice. These are usually the people Australians head to when they are sick, they treat all ages from babies to the elderly, and handle a wide range of health issues and conditions, or refer patients if they need to see a specialist. It is what some countries refer to as a family doctor. Reasons to become a GP include;

  1. Have more work flexibility – How much flexibility you have varies depending on if you are just starting out or later on in your career. The longer you work the more flexibility you can create for yourself, deciding on hours you want to work and more.  
  2. Pursue other subspecialties at the same time – When you decide to become a GP you can still pursue other areas of interest in medicine and other subspecialties. 
  3. A good way to build experience – Being a GP is a great way to get more experience and knowledge. There are plenty of opportunities for GP vacancies around the country and you can see a wide range of issues and people.  
  4. Great pay – Australian GP salaries are one of the best globally. A GP in Australia takes home a 6 figured sum each year and it is easy to increase what you earn by taking on more shifts or working certain times or cases. GPs in Australia also do not have to work as many hours in order to earn a good income.
  5. Getter rates getting a loan – Another interesting benefit to being an Australian GP is that when you apply for loans including mortgages you can get a better rate and better terms because your job is deemed stable and you are deemed reliable. 
  6. Play an important role in the local community – GPs are a very important part of the local community whether that is urban or rural in nature. You can build long-term relationships and treat several generations if you settle there for long enough.  
  7. Take your training around the world – Being trained in Australia as a GP also opens opportunities around the world. See how things are in other countries and come back with more appreciation for how good it is at home but also with more ideas on how to help your patients. 


Australian GP salaries are just one good reason why you might choose to be a GP in Australia. But with all of the above benefits there is also the importance of the job satisfaction as you help all kinds of people.

Mohit Jain

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