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Simple Tips to prepare for Class 11th Biology Exam Every Student Should Know

The path you choose after 10th standard plays a crucial role in shaping your academic life, career and even entire life.  You know it is the phase of your schooling that forms an integral part of your life.

The subject this post is going to deal with is Biology that belongs to science stream. Science stream can really be widely classified into three groups : PCM (mathematics) group, PCB (biology) group and even PCMB group.  Here, remember that P represents physics subject, C stands for chemistry subject, B is for biology subject and that of M represents mathematics subject. Mostly, medical education candidates are the ones who go for PCB group.   And every student who wants to score well, actually possess a good ncert book class 11 biology for their prep. Anyhow, without taking up your more time, here are some of the simplest tips for your biology exam class 11th.

Start from the first day 

Being a student of biology, you must dedicate ample amount of time towards studies. Effective and proper learning techniques also demand your quality time. In-depth learning demands concentrated effort and time! In case time is absolutely valuable, why simply waste it in the first place! It is important that you start learning the subject right from the first day. You do not need to wait for the right moment (such as that of class tests or final exams) to simply come around the corner. The finest time to begin your biology preparation is today. Once you stop procrastinating and start learning, you would see the things happening for you.

Follow Effective learning methods 

Biology subject demands an adaptable learning technique. To excel at this subject, you must possess a multipurpose learning technique.  The point is you should be great at memorizing things and understanding the different basic concepts at the same time.

Many chapters in biology subject asks for memorization of the content. In case you are good at memorizing content, are going to be able to deal with these sections smoothly. In case you are not specifically good at memorizing content, you should devote ample amount of time towards preparing such areas.

At the end of the day, also keep in mind that memorizing content alone won’t aid you cross the lake. Biology subject also asks for in-depth learning as well as deep-understanding of the concepts. This is the reason you should have versatile types of techniques to ace it all.

Ask lots of questions 

This is the finest possible way to deal with sections and concepts that demand in-depth learning. In case you are having any sort of trouble in understanding a section, make sure that you read it out. Go through that section or segment two to three times. Based on your observations, simply formulate a few of the questions pertaining to that section. Simply sit down and then find answers to those questions. Remember, this is a powerful way to make the things really effective for you. Posing different questions out of your biology concepts and finding answers to it is the finest thing to learn new things and that too in a tactful manner.

Prepare notes consistently 

When preparing for biology subject for your class 11th, try to maintain a proper subject-specific notebook. This note must include important portions of chapters. Why make and upkeep such a note, you may ask that. Notes are going to help you with revision of every single chapter. A proper note will contain all the important points present in every single chapter. Of course, for your notes you can get some good material and solutions from platforms like Infinity Learn.

Follow a timetable 

It is important that you create a great timetable. Craft it in such a way that plenty amount of time is dedicated towards every single subject (including biology). Balanced – this is what a great timetable must be like! It should have proper time for studies, rest, hobbies and even some wort of exercise. It is not that a good timetable is one that keep you on the desk round the clock. Come on, you need to balance everything to prepare well. Once you have proper time for your study hours, in them too proper hours assigned to biology; you would be sure that you are preparing for this subject on regular basis and in an attentive manner 


So, the tips discussed in this post are effective, powerful, proven and easy to implement. Once you have discipline, dedication and a will to work really hard, you would not experience any trouble implementing these tips. And once you practice these tips properly, you would pass the test with flying colours for sure. And of course, reading ncert 11 biology book, practice the sample papers and revision; all these things make your overall prep and performance strong and rewarding.

Aditya Shahi

Aditya Shahi is a BSc Agriculture student and an avid blogger, passionate about sharing his knowledge and experiences with his readers.