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How To Prepare Your Laundry Before Sending For Dry Cleaning Service

Whether you’re using a dry cleaning delivery service for the first time or have your clothes dry cleaned regularly, you may have some concerns about how to prepare your clothes. It’s easy to get your garments ready for the dry cleaner. Review some tips to ensure that your clothes are ready when the delivery person comes.

Tips to Prepare Clothing Before Sending Dry Cleaning Service

  • Clean Your Pockets Before Using “Dry Cleaning Near Me”

Check your pockets to make sure you don’t have anything in them. Remove all items from the clothing before sending them to the dry cleaners to avoid gum, pencils, or other materials being cleaned along with the garment. It will keep your clothes safe while they are being dry cleaned. 

Don’t be worried if you forget something. The pockets will be checked as well by your local dry cleaner. However, two eyes are better than one, so double-checking your clothes before sending them off is usually a good idea.

  • Mark All the Stains for the Dry Cleaning Delivery Service

Stains are examined on clothing by professional dry cleaners. It’s possible, however, that they’ll overlook one. Before sending your clothes to the dry cleaner, make sure your stains are appropriately cleaned by marking them. To make it easier for dry cleaners to locate the stains, use sticky tape or pins next to them.

Provide whatever further information you have about the stains. If possible, explain each stain and when the issue happened. The dry cleaning service can use the appropriate chemicals to treat it by providing this information. If you don’t know what to do, the dry cleaner will inspect the stain and suggest the best method to use. However, providing specifics might help the process.

  • Check for Broken Buttons and Other Issues

Check your clothes for missing buttons and other flaws. Call the dry cleaning service if you find anything wrong with your dry cleaning. You can include a message with your dry cleaning that describes how to use it.

  • Check If You Need Alterations

Did you know that dry cleaners may also make alterations? Check to see if your products still fit correctly. Let the dry cleaning service know if you require any clothing alteration. You can leave a note with your clothes once more. Next, the team will make the required alterations so that your garment fits correctly once more.

  • Remove Pet Hair

If your pets have used your clothes as a bed, use a lint roller to remove the pet hair before taking them in for dry cleaning. If you don’t have a lint roller, the dry cleaner can do it. However, because it can be time-consuming, doing your dry cleaning at home will allow you to get your clothes back sooner. If you need your clothes back for a special occasion, this is a must.

  • Unbutton Your Shirts

You can also make the process faster by unbuttoning your shirts before sending them to the dry cleaner. If you don’t have the time, the company will take care of it for you. However, following this simple advice can speed up the process and get your dry cleaning back even faster.

  • Get Clothes to the Scheduled Pickup Location

When you use a dry cleaning delivery service, you can determine where your clothes are picked up. You don’t have to do anything if you wish to have your clothing picked up at home. When the company arrives, bring them to the door. However, if you want the company to come to your office, pack the clothes into the vehicle to prepare them when the driver comes.

  • Put the Dry Cleaning in the Bag Provided By the Dry Cleaning Service

Dry cleaning services use bags to transport clothes. When the delivery driver arrives, you’ll need to place the garments in the bag. Then, the driver will take your clothing to the dry cleaning service.

  • Put the Dry-Cleaning in the Dry Cleaning Delivery Service’s Bag

Bags are used to transport clothes by dry cleaning delivery services. You must put the garments in the bag when the delivery driver arrives. The driver will then deliver your clothing to a dry cleaner to be washed.


As you can see, getting ready to employ a dry cleaning delivery service doesn’t need much effort. Follow these steps to get your clothes ready. When scheduling the service, you can choose between rush and standard service and the pickup and drop-off locations. 

Prime Laundry will pick up your clothing at the agreed-upon time, put it in a convenient location, and clean it for you. The best part is that you’ll only have to pay for the cleaning. You will not be charged for pickup or delivery, and you will not be expected to tip the driver.

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