Innovative Ideas: 3 Tips to Guide Your Team Brainstorming Session

In a sample of successful people surveyed, most said that the originality of an idea is important to them. They also said they do research on an idea before pursuing it.

While no idea could come into execution, you can’t execute anything in the first place if you don’t have a great idea. Speaking of which, what’s the point of working hard if your idea isn’t fully fleshed out?

Team brainstorming is one of the best ways to generate new and innovative ideas. But are you sure you’re optimizing your team brainstorming sessions? 

This article will walk you through some new ways of thinking and some brainstorming activities for teams to help stimulate team collaboration. 

1. Set a Time Limit 

It might seem nerve-wracking at first, but setting your brainstorming sessions a time limit could be just what you need to get the truly genius ideas out.

Some artists believe that they don’t come up with their ideas themselves. They just receive them from some sort of higher power. You can in many ways see this is as a metaphor for their subconscious, helping them with work as they don’t even realize it. 

When you eliminate the perfectionism of a standard workplace and set the goal of getting out as many ideas as possible, you give yourself access to the higher power of your subconscious. Take a no bad ideas approach and develop whichever idea seems best. 

2. Change Your Location

When you change your location, you change your state of mind. The environments we put ourselves in vastly influence the creative mind space we operate. Why do you think people in different industries design their offices differently? 

Meet in a different room than usual. If you can, designate a certain room or corner as an “idea room”. It could work even better if this isn’t a traditional “conference room”; this will force people to think differently.

3. Invest In Software 

The internet has more traffic than ever since the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2020s are going to see the gap between “online” and “real life” disappear. The internet is now an extension of our real lives. 

There’s no limit to the things that the internet can help us with. Innovation in ideas is no different. A good innovation management software will help keep you track of the best ideas that pop up, who came up with them, and how best to move on. 

When you invest in idea-generation software, you tell your employees that you care about creating great ideas. 

Innovate Team Brainstorming

Team brainstorming doesn’t need to be boring.

When you set a time limit to your brainstorming sessions, you allow ideas to flow out that normally would not. When you change your location, you allow people to think in ways that they normally would not. When you bring in software, you bring these ideas into the 2020s. 

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