How You can make strong and durable gift boxes

Are you launching a gift corner at your shop? If yes, then you must be looking for the means to display the product correctly. Wrapping or packing is an art, and no one is born with it. It is easy to get a hand on the ready-made gift cases and bags accessible everywhere. What about displaying your gifts most engagingly and eliminate the customer struggle for charming boxes. So now it’s time the right time to create your custom gift boxes template for the beautiful present. You will not only receive appreciation from the customer, but it also delivers the message for your business. Save your time and effort by customizing cases for the lovely items.

What to look for in the custom gift boxes?

So it is the million-dollar question that you need to know and find the answer to it. Are all the bespoke cases are best or not? Indeed the looks, display, color, etc., are much needed for suitable gift cases. But there is still one thing that you must look at in the gift boxes wholesale: durability and strength. The gift items like crystal decorations, pottery, watches, jewelry, etc., require a package that effectively withstands external factors. So always get the bulk gift boxes to withstand the pressure, moisture, heat, humidity, and other factors. So here are the top point that will help you to make durable and practical gift cases.

  1. Choose the Material Wisely
  2.  Add the Flutes Layers and make the corrugated gift boxes.

1. Choose the Material Wisely:

Before moving towards another point, you need to get complete knowledge about the package stuff. Many materials are accessible in the sector that will make sturdy boxes for the gifts. Here are some of the following:

  • aluminum cases 
  • cardboard boxes ‘ 
  • Kraft
  • paperboard 
  • plastic

All this stuff creates a lovely box like:

  • aluminum boxes add a luxurious touch to the package
  • plastic makes the user to see what inside the box

This packaged stuff is durable and sturdy and keeps the article safe from any harm or damage. But things like cardboard and Kraft are getting famous, and many businesses are using this. What makes it favorable above other accessible material? Not because its sturdy nature but the eco-friendly characteristic of the paperboard. 

Unlike plastic and aluminum, it follows the three Rs, recycles, reuses, and reduces effectively. Indeed you can recycle plastic containers, but their process is not as affordable as paperboard. So pick any of the materials as mentioned above as per the need and demand of the users. Do you know you can alter the strength of the cardboard custom gift boxes? This point will lead you to the next tip that will boost the power of the case.

2. Add the Flutes Layers and make the corrugated gift boxes

Corrugated paperboard, sometimes known as corrugated, is one of the strong package stuff. It usually consists of primary 3 layers of Kraft sheet, two layers of the cardboard sheet, and one wavy paper layer. The other name of the ruffled sheet is corrugated medium, and it is the one that adds strength to gift cases.

During making, the inner layers undergo the corrugates methods to make stiff folds and flutes in the sheet after gluing the corrugated medium between two sheets of Kraft paper. Thanks to this box because it is much more studier than the standard custom printed cardboard box.

Hence what we learn that you can boost durability by increasing the layers of flutes to boost strength. So go for the corrugated boxes for the gift items and take benefit from the printing technique. Now let us move towards the next point that most of you think is for adding a luxurious touch to the box.

3. Lamination Do Wonders to custom gift boxes.

When the word lamination or coating comes to mind, the word luxury and alluring boxes hit the mind. But do you know it can boost the durability of any box. So why do you not take full benefit from using the suitable lamination and coating for the packages?

Laminated printing relates to the printed thing that consists of a transparent plastic layer bonded to surfaces. What is the function of this coating or layering?

  • it secures the box from any stain, moisture, and other 
  • it boosts the durability and strength
  • add vibrancy and sheen to the ink color
  • promote the value of the item 
  • The lamination on the cases makes them look more professional and finished

There are the top three kinds of layering that you can pick as per your need and the nature of the product.

  • matt 
  • silk 
  • gloss
  • Metallic 
  • PVC
  • Exterior laminate 

Among all of the above mention layering, gloss and matte are famous for boxes. From the gift cases wholesale, you can also buy the metalized gift cases for the items at the best rates. The foil sheet on the box is also getting popular daily because it offers an aluminum appearance to the pack. Double the benefit by picking the right packaging stuff for the boxes and engage more customers.

4. Add Inserts to make it more secure.

Here comes the last and another exciting feature that makes custom gift boxes more appealing. The inserts not only secure the products inside it but also create a memorable unboxing experience. But the question is, what are these inserts?

A box package insert consists of various kinds of stuff and works as the base to properly hold the item. By adding it, you can cut off or reduce all unwanted movement.

 So get the reliable and sturdy bulk gift boxes for your business from the gift boxes wholesale suppliers. The custom gift boxes not only secure the product but also make it more appealing and charming. Follow the points discussed above to create a durable case for the lovely articles.

Alen Parker

Guest Blogger | SEO Outreach | SEO