How to Select Home Solar Installers: Everything You Need to Know

Are you one of the millions of US citizens trying to reduce their carbon footprint? Perhaps you’ve seen your energy bills rise and are seeking ways to lower your monthly costs? If either of these scenarios sounds familiar, you might be thinking of installing a residential solar system.

However, if you are not familiar with the industry, it can be challenging to select home solar installers. After all, you may have several different companies competing for your business, and each one may seem to be a solid choice. But, to ensure you hire the best contractor, it’s important to take a number of crucial factors into consideration.

Read on to find out what to look for in a reputable solar installation company.

Home Visit

A contractor should perform a home visit to explain the installation process and determine where they will place your solar panels. This is an excellent opportunity to ask them to help you estimate your solar savings and discuss the benefits you can expect from your new system.

A professional with plenty of solar installation experience can give you valuable insights and answer your queries before you sign a contract.

Solar System Budget

To ensure you don’t go over budget, it’s helpful to ask for quotes from three different companies. You can also ask if there are ways to reduce the price and if there are finance plans available to spread the cost. When you know the average market rate, and what services you are paying for, you can then determine which contractor offers the best value for money.


You may be keen on installing solar panels as soon as possible. But, a top-class company could have a waiting list. To avoid disappointment, book your installation slot in advance so you know when your contractor will begin the work.

Company Reputation

You can read online customer reviews, ask people you know for recommendations, and inquire if a company has a list of client testimonials. If a company provides a quality service, they’ll be delighted to show you their outstanding reviews to help them win your business.

Solar System Guarantee

If a business doesn’t offer a warranty, you should look for another contractor. While you may never have an issue with your solar system, it’s better to have a guarantee in place confirming a business will rectify any problems covered under the terms of the contract.

Know What to Look for Before You Select Home Solar Installers

It can give you peace of mind to select home solar installers that offer a guarantee and have significant expertise in their industry. You can also look for a business that is available to complete the work in a short timeframe and offers a financing option that is within your budget.

You could soon have a solar system that reduces your energy bills and your carbon footprint!

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