How to Measure Your Website Uptime

The average website is down for around 3 hours per month. Unfortunately, this is much more detrimental than it seems.

When your website is down, customers and visitors can’t access it. That’s why it’s so important for businesses to care about website uptime. Losing valuable business is not good.

Want to find out why you should care about website health? Let’s cover it all in this article!

What Is Website Uptime?

Website uptime is when your website is up on the web and accessible. It’s available to anyone searching for it, and functioning properly.

This is how your website should be at all times. There may be little hiccups here and there, but your goal should always be to have your website in this state.

On the contrary, website downtime is the opposite. Your website would be in a state where it’s inaccessible and not functioning correctly. Users would not be able to access your site causing big problems for your business.

What Causes Downtime?

We know that uptime is the goal, but downtime is, unfortunately, a common occurrence. There are many factors that can contribute to website downtime. Let’s go over them.

Your web hosting provider can actually be one of the main causes of your website being down. While this is out of your control, monitoring it can help you get an accurate picture of how often and for how long it happens.

Maintenance is another reason that your website may be down. Typically, you’ll know about this and be able to plan for it. However, it can still be an inconvenience.

Cyber attacks are one other common reason why your website might be down. This can be a difficult position to be in, as it can put your website out for a long time. Monitoring it can help you keep control of your website and know the second that this happens.

Why Should You Care About Uptime?

Uptime is crucial to your business as you can lose good customers when your website is down.

If you run an e-commerce shop, your business depends on customers buying online. An outage, even if temporary can be detrimental to your sale and revenue.

It’s for this reason that you want to keep an eye on the uptime of your website.

How to Measure and Track Uptime

Improving uptime is especially important for all websites. There are many ways that you can measure your uptime, and track website health.

The experts at believe that tracking and monitoring should be easy for all website owners. Using the right tool is paramount to your success.

Website Uptime Monitoring Will Help You Stay Online

Keeping an eye on website uptime monitoring can help you run your online business more efficiently and effectively. Understanding how to track and monitor uptime will ensure that when your website does go offline, it’s fixed and back up quicker.

Your business depends on it.

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