How To Make One PDF From Multiple PDFs On Windows

If you are wondering how to make one PDF from multiple PDFs, you have come to the right place. In this article, I will show you a step-by-step process on how to do this. This method is used more often than you might think, so it will not be very hard for you to perform it. So, let us get started.

Find All PDFs

The first thing that you will have to do is find all the PDFs that you want to merge into a single document. You can use the search option to locate all the files. You can also just type the file name or the folder name that you want to merge into the search field. When you have the exact path of the folder that you want to merge into your document, just click the submit button.

Once you have located all the PDFs that you want to make into a single document, you will have to delete all the files that you don’t need. You can find these files in the recycle bin. To do this, you will have to right-click on your document and choose the option “recycle bin.” Then, you will want to click “delete” to rid your computer of the unwanted files. After you have deleted all the files, you will be left with the PDFs that you wanted to merge into a single document.

Merge Folder

The next step that you will have to follow on how to make one PDF from multiple PDFs is to right-click the document again and click “merge folder” on the pop-up menu. This will bring up a window with multiple choices. Look for the one that says “multi- PDF”. Once you have chosen it, you will be asked to name the new document and click “ok.”

After you have named your document and you are ready to save it, you will want to do so by clicking on the “save to” button. Once you have done so, you will be asked if you want to add a title or description to the document. If you do not have one, then simply select “No Description.” Adding a title or a description to your document will ensure that it looks good when it is opened by people who are unfamiliar with what you have written.

The last step on how to make one PDF from multiple PDFs is to right-click the document again and click “Print.” This will print out the document to the PDF printer that you have set up on your computer. Your printer should spit out the PDF that you want, but if it does not, you may have to go into the “printings” section of the Properties area in the Control Panel and change the settings to read “Print To.” You can change this setting to any choice.

When you have finished creating the document, you will want to save it as a version that you can offer to others. This is a great way to make sure that the document will look good on their screen and also a way to make changes to the document before giving it away. To do this, select the “Print As” option from the “Print Options” menu. You will then be asked to enter a name for the resulting PDF – in this case, “My Documents.”

Finally, you will want to give this newly created document a name that reflects the nature of the document (i.e., invoice, report, etc.). You will then click “Save All Changes.” How to make one PDF from multiple PDFs tips above will walk you through the process of merging documents together into a single file.

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