How to Get a Title Loan: A Quick Guide

Did you know that as of 2015, one percent of adults in the United States choose to use a title loan for financial help? You might be wondering what is a title loan, and why would I want to apply for a loan on my car’s title. These are valid things to think about in order to better understand why you should get a title loan.

You never know when you’ll find yourself in dire straits when it comes to your finances, so it is important to understand how a title loan works and how to get one from a title loan company. The good news is that you’re in the right place to learn more about getting a title loan for your financial needs.

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What Is a Title Loan?

Title loans are loans that people apply for where they put their vehicle or automobile up as collateral with the title loan company in exchange for cash. It is a short-term type of loan and it often comes with high interest rates on the money that you borrow from the lender.

If you’re in need to fast cash then it is a great route to take but you need to understand the risks you’re taking if you don’t make the payments on time. It is great because both the lender and the loanee are secured in this arrangement. It is also a nice alternative to other types of loans because you don’t need a credit score in order to get a title loan.

Even if you do have a credit score and it is less than ideal, you’re still able to qualify for a title loan since you’re able to have your vehicle put up as collateral to secure the loan. This makes it a perfect way to get fast cash for people that don’t have the best credit scores but need money now.

How Does a Title Loan Work?

A title loan works with you giving up the ownership of your car to the lender in exchange for the money that they’re letting your borrow. While the lender gets ownership of your vehicle, you’re still able to use the vehicle on a daily basis while paying off the money that you owe to the lender.

This is vital because many people use their motorcycle, car, truck, or van as their way to get to and from work each day. Without that transportation, it would be close to impossible to pay off the debts that you owe. It allows you the freedom to move to and from work and to run all of your errands that are essential to your life.

The best-case scenario when it comes to a title loan is getting one for the most money possible and with the lowest interest rate possible. The goal of getting a title loan is getting the money that you need without getting trapped in a vicious cycle of being stuck in debt.

If you find yourself in a situation where you can’t pay back the money that you owe to the lender then you might find your car getting repossessed by the lending company. It is important that you find a good and trustworthy title loan company to work with that will agree on terms that work well for you.

How To Get a Title Loan

There is a number of different ways to apply for a title loan from a title loan company. With most loan companies you’ll have no issues going online and applying through their company website. That is among the many things to know about getting a title loan in your area.

From there, you’ll move forward by submitting your application for the loan and your documents will get reviewed by the professionals at that company. They can then give you an idea of the amount of money they’re willing to loan you as well as the terms of the loan and the interest rate.

Once you’ve come to an agreement on the terms of the loan you’ll hand your car’s title over to the loan company and you’ll get the cash that you wanted to borrow. If you have all of your ducks in a row then you’ll have no problem getting the title loan immediately.

You should also note that title loans aren’t limited to only cars. You can get a title loan on a motorcycle, an RV, and even a boat. The only requirement is that your vehicle has a clear title. As long as you have that you’ll be clear to get a title loan for financial help.

How to Ensure That Your Loan Application Is Approved

If you’re worried that your title loan application won’t get accepted there are things you can do to increase your chances. The most important thing is to have a vehicle that is worth enough that it is worth it for the lender to accept it as collateral. Most lending companies will only accept title loans on vehicles that are less than ten years old.

They’ll still consider some older vehicles but a good rule of thumb is that they’re not interested in cars that are older than ten years. The vehicle also needs to be in good condition and well-maintained in order for the title loan to go through. You’ll also want to ensure that the tags on your license plates are up to date. 

Another thing to do is to make sure that your vehicle’s title is clear and that it has a clean history. You won’t be able to get a title loan if the bank or auto dealer still owns your vehicle. Make sure your car’s title is under your name in order to secure the financial help you’re seeking.

Get a Title Loan Today

Getting a title loan is a smart move if you’re in need to cash quickly and have a vehicle that meets the lending company’s requirements. Your title loan will secure the loan for you even if you have a bad credit score. Try to get the highest amount of money at the lowest interest rate for the best results.

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