How To Create An Unforgettable Proposal For Your Girlfriend

Let’s face it, proposing marriage is a milestone in every man’s life and rather than causally asking a woman to spend the rest of her life with you over a beer, such an occasion demands something special. This is a golden opportunity to create a memory that you will both cherish all of your lives and to help you plan this, here are a few marriage proposal scenarios to consider.

Music In The Background

If you choose her favourite restaurant, hire a couple of musicians to play her favourite song and with a red rose between your teeth, the perfect moment to pop that question arrives! The manager would love to be of assistance, perhaps you can have a meal on your own and see how responsive they would be regarding your plan.

Custom Engagement Ring

Why not invest in one of those canary yellow diamond rings in Melbourne or other diamond rings available in your city? Work with a leading custom jeweller in creating the perfect ring, and when your careful plan comes to fruition, imagine how she will feel when you present her with a stunning diamond engagement ring! All you need to know is her ring size and jewellery preferences and you can secretly create an exquisite piece and make her day with your proposal.

How To Create An Unforgettable Proposal For Your Girlfriend

A Trip To The Jeweller

Once you are sure that she is the one for you, you could arrange to take her out and pretend you’re going to see a show or have dinner with friends. When you arrive at the custom jeweller’s shop, you can spring your surprise and she gets to design her own diamond engagement ring. She will thank you having the foresight to include her in the ring design process, so it is a win-win for you both.

Arrange For A Package To Arrive

You could be about to start your dessert when a small package arrives. With your support, she opens it to find an elegant custom diamond engagement ring. If you can have someone film the event, you will have that memory on video and you can show it to your kids when they get old enough. Handmade Melbourne diamond engagement rings are fine choices, or you can seek help from your local custom jeweller and create the perfect ring.

Custom Diamond Engagement Ring

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If ever there was an occasion to have a ring custom made, an engagement would be it. Talk to a leading custom jeweller and they can turn your concept into the perfect ring. The process begins with a Zoom call, which enables the custom jeweller to get a clear idea of what you have in mind and once a design is agreed, the jeweller can give you a quote for the project.

Choosing A Design

The jeweller has thousands of images to help you come up with the perfect engagement ring. Choose the metal for the band, the stones, the cut and the setting, and using 3D computer imaging, the ring can be appreciated prior to creating it.

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