Here are Benefits of Influencer Marketing you need to know Now

Digital marketing is one of the most popular marketing strategies today. There are numerous methods of digital marketing, and one of the most effective is influencer marketing.Today’s customers are very smart and informed. Everywhere on social media, you come across innumerable advertisements for products and services. An influencer is someone who influences the customer to use that product or service. A customer’s purchase decision is heavily weighed on the influence of influencer marketing. These days, agencies are banking more on an Instagram influencer marketing strategy. There are also some loopholes in this kind of marketing as many influencer scams also happen where advertisers advertise incorrect content, false promises, etc. And many times, the brand image suffers when an influencer’s reputation gets damaged. But overall, influencer marketing services have helped the brand uplift the product market.

Let us explore the benefits of influencer marketing services for the brand:

1. Builds goodwill and trust

 We are constantly bombarded with brands and advertisements. A customer is always looking out for some edge in an advertisement that makes him/her trust the brand more than others. Building trust is a time-consuming process. In such cases, an influencer who already has an established goodwill instantly uplifts the brand’s reliability by marketing. An influencer should have a relatable image of trust and power. Their opinions, insights, and recommendations should matter to the customer. A loyal fan following of the influencer adds to the brand’s credibility and trust. According to the research, the brand tweets of influencers have increased the purchase intent of a potent customer by 5.2 times. 40% of people convert into customers through influencer tweets. Thus, influencer marketing partnerships are exciting and vital aspects of modern marketing.

2. Focused and appropriate

 A brand can position its product well through an influencer whose niche aligns with the product. The main reason for generating a high ROI is the relevance of the influencer to the potential customer. 92% of consumers trust recommendations from influencers. For example, if you sell sports cars, your target audience would be people who are into sports and cars. So, if you collaborate with a Formula One race driver or another athlete, you can reach your target audience.Thus, the conversion rate rises.

3. Isn’t aggressive

 Most of the time, we as customers are irritated by the constant barrage of brand advertisements. One of the main reasons why social media influencer agencies are in high demand is because influencer marketing isn’t pushy. The followers of an influencer willingly watch their marketing and trust the content. As a result, influencer messages are not annoying and pushy. These days, Instagram influencer marketing is way more effective in spreading brand messages to audiences than ads. According to studies, two-thirds of consumers use ad blockers to avoid brand bombardment. Hence, authentic content from influencers is a much more reliable way of reaching them.

4. Offer value to community

One of the most important benefits of influencer marketing is that it gives value to your target audience. These days, we see popular YouTubers sharing product videos on their channels. These are massively insightful and valuable to the target community. If you intend to buy a premium product like an SLR camera, you will obviously look up product reviews online. Influencer reviews would be the most helpful for your purchase. A review from an influencer gives you information about the product’s features as well. These reviews are informative as well as dependable.

5. Quicker customer conversion

Since influencer marketing directly targets your desired audience, the reach and conversion are quicker. This audience is already interested in that particular niche. A study revealed that influencer marketing is the fastest way to acquire customers online. 28% of marketers in the survey agreed with this. Hence, the brand can increase their market and profitability much faster. It is much more effective for new brands and for brands that have lost their impact.

6. Improve Your SEO ranking

You can leverage influencer marketing big time if you want to improve your search engine optimization. Blogging can also be done through influencer marketing. Using the relevant keywords in blogs and websites boosts your SEO. However, this is just a part of SEO. Search engines also look for Domain Authority. A website’s Domain Authority is a ranking assigned to a website on the basis of the usefulness, relevance, and informational value of the content it has. If other credible websites tie up with your website, you are believed to have creditable content. Influencers can increase the number of backlinks to your website and social media profiles. Some influencers have their own websites. They can place links there to the products they endorse. They can also place an affiliate link in social media posts. Thus, your brand is more likely to appear higher in searches. Hence, influencer marketing can boost your SEO.

7. Easy on budget

Influencer marketing is easy on your wallet unless you are keen on working with just big celebrities. Also, the problem with celebrities is that they attract a generic audience due to their high fan following. So the chances of conversion of the target audience are less, even though the reach is huge. Micro-influencers have a better chance to convert your target audience. Their followers are fewer and they are more focused. These micro-influencers charge comparatively less than celebrities. Also, they sometimes work in exchange for free products or services. They even work as affiliates. The big drawback with traditional advertising is that brands have to pay continuously. You also have to bid against brands for Google keyword search promotion. These auctions are very expensive. With influencers, their social media posts about brands travel even beyond the normal sphere of influencers and reach a higher audience.

8. Improved content strategy

Continuously creating creative, new, and engaging content is a big task. There are times when a saturation point comes in planning a content strategy. In such cases, influencer marketing helps. Influencers also work hard to create visually appealing and high-quality content. This way, your content gets a big boost, and thus your brand reach increases.

9. Increases Brand Awareness and Reach

Influencers are a great way to reach new audiences for your brand. Also, even if brands have decided their target audience, it is very difficult to find that audience and reach them as traditional advertising avenues aren’t specific. This is the time where influencers help out. Their social media reach is also very broad. And their audience can be located within a certain demography. For example, to sell a beauty product, a generic advertisement would not be effective to target your target audience of young girls and middle-aged women. In such cases, influencers would directly attract the female audience. There are beauty influencers on Instagram and you can easily opt for Instagram influencer marketing for your product.

10. Suitable for all businesses

One of the best advantages of influencer marketing is that it is suitable for all businesses, immaterial of their size or industry. If there are some influential personalities aligned with your product or service features, you can always leverage them to increase your brand visibility. You need to do proper planning and SWOT analysis before zeroing in on an influencer.

The final word

The success of your influencer campaign depends on the choice of influencer and the content to be marketed. If you hit the right button in this then the rewards are immense. Also, as a brand, you need to focus on establishing long-term relationships with influencers to draw maximum benefits. If you genuinely bother about their professional growth also, they are more likely to be invested in yours too.

Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar is a Digital Marketing Strategist in a leading organisation. A creative marketing strategist with over 8 years of experience developing digital marketing strategies and guiding business development