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Persian Cat: Why do They have an expensive price tag?

The Persian cat breed is one of the most popular breeds across the world, known for its shiny court and temperament. Their affectionate nature makes them one of the most desirable breeds for cat fanatics. However, if you are looking to adopt a Persian cat breed, you must be aware of a few things before bringing them home.

No denial that you are definitely making the best choice, but staying informed is always a better decision. So here, we will talk about their fundamental nature and Persian cat price in India. We will also try to find out the reason for the huge spike in price.

How much is a Persian cat price in India?

Even when the Persian cat price differs from one place to another, the average Persian cat price in India is around Rs.18,000. However, a lot of other factors are based on the price range. So let us find out the most common factors that result in increasing the cat price.

Factors that affect the Persian cat price in India: 

While there are a lot of other factors that stumble upon it to increase the cat price, following are some of the most common reasons. Apart from this, if you choose a rare color of Persian cat, it will definitely increase the price. Cats that are found in rare colors will be more expensive than the standard colors.

The quality of the coat is also another factor that can affect the cat price. When the Persian cat has a better coat quality, it will have a higher price tag. Besides, since Persian cats are known for their luscious long coats, you can actually understand the reason for the high Persian cat price in India.

Apart from this, when you choose a healthy Persian cat which is always recommended, it is worth spending a bit more than picking a bad quality cat. Since they will be residing at your home, ensuring their best health makes sure that everyone else stays healthy and happy.

Another most common factor that affects the Persian cat price in India is their location. If you are located in the urban cities, the Persian cat demands are always higher. This will result in increasing their price tag, and hence you need to pay more. However, on the other hand, if you are buying in a rural area, the prices will be slightly lower than the average cat price in urban places.

Lastly, you also have to make sure that you are choosing a reputed breeder. Since they make sure about the quality and offer you the Persian cat just the way you want, they are always a better choice to look for a quality Persian cat. However, when you choose a renowned breeder, their Persian cat price in India will always be slightly higher than others.

How much does Persian cat grooming cost?

Grooming is an essential part of a Persian cat’s lifestyle. However, Persian cat grooming can be done on your own as well. So, initially, you might need to pay extra for grooming, but once you get accustomed and know the products and procedures, you can save a lot of money on grooming. Since these breeds are known for their long coats, grooming is essential for a healthy lifestyle.

So, now that you have gained some knowledge about the Persian cat price and other associated expenses that you have to bear when choosing a Persian cat, hopefully, you are looking for the best breeder. Mummy cat is one such name of a breeder that not only offers the quality Persian cat but also offers the best white cat price in India.

Since they have years of knowledge and are equally passionate about cats, they ensure quality and affordability at the same time.


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