Gross Facts You Just Have to Share!

Do you enjoy ruining other people’s day with some really gross facts?

Then we have the perfect collection of grim and grimy bits of information that can really gross people out. Like, for example, the fact that if you love the taste of vanilla flavoring, you are actually eating something made from a beaver’s anus. Gross!

Want more gross facts? Keep reading! We have something to take the shine off the most optimistic person’s day.

Gross Animal Facts

It isn’t just beaver butts we have been eating, but one earlier form of contraception includes taking their testicles and soaking them in alcohol before drinking it. If that didn’t put you off doing the deed, nothing will!

The musky smell that comes in most men’s perfumes used to be created from a deer’s penis. However, thankfully, they can generate it artificially in a lab these days. But you just never know!

Love koalas and think they are cute? Well, koalas are rife with diseases, especially chlamydia. In fact, even just holding one in your arms could be enough for them to give you the disease if they urinate on you.

The poor male honey bee has an ejaculation so strong that it makes his penis explode after the event. Unsurprisingly, this kills the bee. As nature facts go, that is pretty metal.

Gross Human Body Facts

The human body can be a pretty grim place to be. If you want to spook your friends with some gross human facts, tell them this. The human belly button has over 2,400 species of bacteria living inside them right now.

Humans can fart up to an average of 14 farts per day. The average fart leaves the body at a speed of seven miles per hour. Strong enough to blow someone’s hair.

Ever asked yourself why does poop float? It is because you are eating a very high fiber diet. Your farts get trapped inside the poop making it buoyant, whereas more dense poops will sink.

Romans used powdered mouse brains as toothpaste to get their teeth squeaky clean! That’s a gross human fact, gross animal fact, and a great joke all in one.

General Gross Facts

A man in London once held 17 kg of live maggots in his mouth for an hour. He holds a record for doing so. Although not many are queuing up to beat this disgusting fact.

The Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean are the two favorite places for people to spread the ashes of their dead relatives. Often the ashes are absorbed in ventilation systems for everyone to breathe in.

Enjoy These Gross Facts

Did you enjoy our gross facts collection? Did any of them make you feel just a little bit sick? Do you have any gross facts of your own? Share them with us in the comments so we can gross out our friends, too.

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