Get Into Shape Before Travel: 3 Tips on Your Exercise Routine

Did you know that only half of all US adults meet the recommended exercise guidelines? Exercise has undisputable benefits for your health and appearance, but still many people can convince themselves to skip the gym!

And it’s no wonder! Going to the gym can be monotonous and daunting. So if you’ve got a summer trip coming up and you want to get into shape to show off your best body, you need a few tips to make your exercise routine more enjoyable.

In this article, you’ll learn all our favorite tips to shake up your program so you can actually look forward to going to the gym! Read on!

1. Supplement Up

If you’re feeling tired, sore, and grumpy, you’re even less likely to make it to the gym. And even if you get to the gym, your performance will probably be lackluster and you won’t enjoy it at all. Supplementing can’t eliminate every bad day, but it can help most of your bad days become good days.

Immediately after working out, mix up a protein shake to start your muscles recovering right away. Before working out, use your favorite pre-workout to boost your mood and energy. Even if you’re just trying to drop a few pounds, simply feeling less fatigued and having more energy can bring your workouts from mediocre to magnificent.

In addition, you can supplement with testosterone from to help make your body more receptive to training hard.

2. Variety Is the Spice of the Gym

If you’ve stuck to the same fitness routine for years, you might have days where you dread doing the same old thing. You’ll get better results and you’ll enjoy it more if you have some variety in your schedule!

Instead of spending an hour on the treadmill every day, break it up with a few days in the pool or a few days on the basketball court with your friends. As long as you’re staying active, you’ll be getting the benefits you’re looking for without all the monotony.

3. Core Focus

Nothing looks better on the beach than a toned stomach! If you’re looking for the perfect bikini body, spend a lot of time on your abs.

Your abs are an endurance muscle, meaning you can work them every day without adverse effects. So, even if it’s just for 10 minutes at the end of every session, focus on those abs.

And, this is another area where variety is key. Don’t limit yourself to the same tired situps. Create simple ab circuits for yourself by rotating between planks, leg lifts, and other fun ab exercises.

In this way, you’ll get better results faster.

Get Into Shape and Enjoy the Summer

Going to the gym regularly is hard, and some days will just be a grind. You won’t love every day.

But, with these tips, you can help increase your proportion of good days to bad days, and start achieving your dream body. So give them a try and experience the difference for yourself!

If you’re trying to get into shape, keep reading our blog for more health and fitness advice!