Get Best Surprising Ideas For Friends

Each friend is unique. Her personality, her tastes, her hobbies, her concerns … Knowing her well will give us the key to be able to give her something that can really fill you up. We must also take into account the reason for the gift if it is for a special date or it is a gift born of a gesture spontaneous for no other reason than to want to give something to someone you love.

We give you some gift ideas for friends of the many products for natural surprise gifts for Friend that we have in Reset.

Gift Ideas for Friends: What Makes Her So Special

Sincerity, transparency and honesty. The one who turns her back on hypocrisy, even though it may cost her an argument with me. Know us and never  It will tell us what we want to hear, but what is best for us.  Who accepts you as you are; He does not expect anything different from you, only that you be who you are, without judgments, expectations or reproaches.

Your loyalty and loyalty. Your secrets are safe with her. He will always defend you, even if you made a mistake. There are no envies between you. As time passes, the friendship remains the same, it does not change. As we can see, special dates to think of gift ideas for friends and surprise her with a sincere detail are every day. Do not wait for

your birthday surprise, graduation, or anniversary surprise you’re welcome.

Elements that make a gift perfect

Giving away for giving away is nonsense that some would say. Therefore, if we have decided among all the gift ideas for friends that we have had, the one that We believe that it is the correct one, that gift should meet, at least, several of these characteristics:

  •     Useful
  •     Original
  •     Economic
  •     Enjoyable
  •     Long lasting
  •     Non-polluting

There are many others that we could add (personalized, collective, didactic …) but we already believe that they would not encompass the vast majority of surprise  gifts for friends, but would be more specific to the type of surprise that we have bought.

New highly demanded and successful gift concept: sustainable gifts

With an ecological and sustainable gift for your friend, you will be able to surprise and entertain her in an original and supportive way. And we say solidarity because in all the products that we have in Resetea, groups at risk of exclusion belonging to different organizations have collaborated

 Galicians who fight for their rights and well-being. In addition, they are eco-friendly, natural products, seasoned with recycled materials and of course, zero pollutants.

Examples of gift ideas for friends in Reset:

Hydroponics System

A decorative and original element that you will find in few places, and that is great for watering our favorite plants directly over water. With this hydroponic system we do not need soil and soil to cultivate, and we will save compost, space and even water!

Pot with hydroponics system

We can decorate the jug (Blue Jar) as we want, and see plants and flowers grow in a way never seen before.

Self-cultivation Kit Say It With Flowers (Congratulations)

If the gift to our friend originates from a sincere congratulation, we believe that a kit of yellow wildflowers (golden wallflower, hypericum and Vulneraria) can hit the nail on the head. A self-cultivation kit that includes everything your friend needs to see your beautiful gesture grow and germinate.  friendship gift congratulations reset

Biodiversity Pumps

Life pack for someone who makes yours much better. Seed pumps made with the Japanese natural technique Nendo Dango, encapsulated with clay and organic matter. Neldo seeds, paper flower, hyssop, lavender, sage, squash … A super easy garden to create on your own!

ecological gifts to plant

Self-cultivation Kit Desserts (Strawberry, blackberry and currant)surely when you thought of gift ideas for friends, something related to desserts never crossed your mind. Almost the best

of a meal. In Reset we love them, and of course, we had to create something that showed it. The self-cultivation kit of desserts will allow your friend grow the delicious red fruits strawberry, blackberry and currant, and thus give a healthy and nutritious touch to your favourite dessert.

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