Gauging the Expansion of Data Analytics in Sports

Data analytics is one of the defining components of the digital revolution around the world. So many different industries in so many spheres have adopted analytics that it is difficult to mark clearly its progress through the decade. Nevertheless, it has given us one gem of story box – you can find intriguing use cases of data analytics and data science all around you which somewhat inspire to take up data analytics courses and become a part of this dynamic field.

Looking back in utter amazement

Analytics refers to the study of analysis. But this simple definition tells us very little about it. Let us put it this way that analytics is the practice of collecting, processing and studying data to draw meaningful insights that can support decision making. Data analytics was in practice in the 19th century and very much so in the twentieth century. A very famous example is how Henry Ford measured the speed of the assembly lines. However, we have come a long way since the nineteen sixties. The major problem of storing humongous amounts of data has been countered, initially by Hadoop distributed file system and now by the cloud. Analysing data has become easier and more rewarding thanks to machine learning. The results today are far greater than well informed product customization.

Analytics in Sports

Sports take place on the field, on the spot, real time. That is why when we see data analytics influence sports, it speaks volumes about its potential in any field. Sports analytics is a billion dollar industry now. Analytical models have been used for some time to sell out stadiums and to augment audience engagement.

Analytics on the field  

Now you can add to that the keen usage of advanced analytics to enhance sportsmanship, fitness and even in the process of selecting the squad. Previously, the coaches and the players would have to go through tonnes of videos of the opposing team to gain a slight idea of what to expect and how to counter it. Now, with the help of analytics, a monstrous amount of data can be accumulated from each game. And the data can be put through algorithms to find specific answers to specific questions. Wearable data collecting tools are being used to gain real time knowledge about a players fitness and effectiveness against a certain opposition. The Board of control of cricket in India or BCCI has started using advanced sports analytics quite robustly.

More than a dozen startups in India are already offering sports analytics services and the number is growing.

Just like in cricket in India analytics is being used in almost all major sports around the globe. Be it the baseball championships in the USA or Formula one racing in Italy, data analytics courses has got a strong footing.

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