Future Proof: Supercharge Your Cloud Career With AWS Certifications

Cloud has emerged as the next big thing in the IT infrastructure over the last decade. It has also evolved dynamically, making it the most popular modern technology for businesses. The wide popularity of Amazon Web Services (AWS) has significantly led to an increased demand for AWS trained professionals, which in turn has upped the need for AWS training.

AWS holds a significant chunk in the cloud services arena in the present scenario. As businesses are gradually inclining towards the cloud-based IT infrastructure, they have experienced a boost in their efficiency and their data management costs have also gone down. 

Looking at the increased demand, AWS launched the AWS training and certification programs for professionals looking forward to honing their skills and validating them. Let us have a detailed look at the benefits of AWS certifications and know how they are essential for supercharging your cloud career.

Validate Your Cloud Skills

Opting for AWS certification training helps you validate your potential and talent in the field of cloud infrastructure. The key benefit associated with it is the digital badge that you get to attach to your CV, which represents your certified achievement and gives you a head start during recruitment and promotion evaluations. 

You can use the badge to display on professional networking platforms like LinkedIn and place them at your email signatures. These badges also give you instant access to AWS summits and lounges.

Expect A Better Salary

Multiple surveys speak a lot about the scope for fast progression in salaries of certified professionals. As you become more exposed to advanced roles like AWS associate and AWS developer, you can generally expect to earn better. 

If you consider Glassdoor statistics, then the average salary of an AWS professional is around INR 6 lakhs per annum and can go as high as INR 15 lakhs per annum, depending on the experience.

More Opportunities

One of the best ways to show your commitment to the industry is by going the extra mile, and you do just that when you take an AWS certification training. An AWS training serves as a stepping stone, and it equips you with the necessary skills required to open doors to various opportunities. 

You can expect to get hired as an AWS cloud architect, AWS expert, business analyst, cloud engineer, among other roles.

Two-Way Benefit

It is not so that only the professional who takes the certification benefits from it, but there’s something in store for the employer. A company with a pool of AWS certified professionals has a chance to become a member of the APN, i.e., AWS Partner Network. 

Way To Go For Freelancers

It is not easy to find work with an average profile when thousands of professionals apply for the same jobs. Therefore, an AWS certification is a must for freelancers to set themselves apart from the crowd. 

As per freelancing websites like UpWork, there are numerous freelance jobs available in the field of AWS cloud, and the recruiters are always looking for people with recognised credentials.

A Part Of AWS Community

The AWS community is an elite club of experienced professionals worldwide who come together to plan, create, and execute AWS applications and features. You can be a part of the excellent learning club by earning an AWS certification. You also get to expand your professional network and look for better opportunities around the world.

Abundance Of Resources

A mega advantage of being the front liner in cloud computing is the plethora of learning resources available for professionals working hard to earn the AWS certification. There are written resources, online tutorials, hands-on projects, and many more to explore for professionals. You also get to interact with a vast community to get genuine advice and opinion regarding career choices in cloud computing.


The increasing demand for talented AWS professionals has made the AWS certification a vital milestone in the journey of cloud computing for individuals and businesses. It helps raise the bar, gives the professionals an edge over the others, and helps them stay relevant in the dynamic world of cloud computing.

If you’re ready to future proof your career in AWS cloud computing, then taking up a relevant course at Koenig Solutions is the best path to achieve the same.

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