7 Advanced SEO Techniques to Dominate Your Rankings in [2022]

Most businesses will want to increase the traffic to their official business websites. This is why they strive hard to acquire higher rankings in the search engine results page of Google with the help of SEO. Therefore, businesses that implement a solid SEO strategy will surely get higher ranks and acquire more traffic.

Google has made it official that they will be considering HTTPS as one of their ranking signals. So if your website is still running on HTTP, switch to HTTPS by installing an SSL certificate. It ensures encryption of in-transit data between the web server and the client browser. SSL certificates can be bought from reliable SSL providers such as SSL2Buy, ClickSSL, etc. In addition, you can choose from a range of premium certs at competitive prices such as cheap Comodo SSL certificates, AlphaSSL certs, etc.

Suppose you plan to expand your business website soon. In that case, we suggest that you go for a wildcard SSL certificate, as it will secure your chosen primary domain and unlimited first-level subdomains under it. Searching for the perfect yet cheap wildcard SSL certificate? Try installing the premium RapidSSL Wildcard certificate, and you wouldn’t regret your decision!

Switching to HTTPS will increase your website’s chances of getting a better rank. Moreover, this will also offer increased security to customers, which will urge them to do business with your brand. However, you will also need to implement the following advanced SEO techniques to dominate search engine rankings in 2021.

#1. Reoptimize Old Content

Do you know that approximately 50 percent of businesses use content marketing to improve their website ranking? This means that most of these businesses will have lots of old content. Unfortunately, old and underperforming contents are not useful for your site, which is why you should consider reoptimizing old content.

Optimizing old content with low conversions or traffic might help you to make the most out of it. You can optimize the content by adding new points, making it more relevant to your audience, and then publish it again. You can easily find old content on your website with the help of Google Search Console or Google Analytics.

#2. Mobile-Friendly Website

All types of businesses must have a mobile-friendly website if they want to grow and acquire more customers. Businesses need to realize that nearly 50 percent of the internet traffic comes from smartphones and tablets. Businesses should also note that around 40 percent of online transactions are done through mobile devices.

Most importantly, Google has been strictly following the mobile-first approach to crawling and indexing websites. Due to this, crawlers or spiders will be viewing your site from the perspective of mobile devices. As a result, businesses need a responsive website to boost rankings and offer a fine user experience to website visitors.

#3. Keyword Targeting Without Featured Snippets

It has become essential for businesses to take different approaches if they want to obtain a higher rank on Google’s search engine results page. So it might come as a surprise to several businesses when they hear that featured snippets appear on nearly 15 percent of all searches.

Most businesses will be targeting multiple keywords with featured snippets. If you can win with featured snippets, then that is excellent. However, if you cannot win, it can be quite worrying because featured snippets often take valuable traffic from other web pages, which will reduce the Click-Through Rate (CTR) by 9 percent.

In simple words, there is a chance for business websites to lose critical traffic if they fail to win the featured snippets. As a result, several online marketers have started targeting keywords without any featured snippets.

#4. Find The Best Performing Pages Of Your Competitor

Businesses need to have a clear understanding of the SEO strategy of their competitors. Therefore, you should take some time and do proper research to identify what is working for your competing websites. If you can do that, you will be able to implement the strategies used by competitors to get more website traffic.

You can start by finding and analyzing the best-performing web pages of your competitors. This will give you an idea of where your competitor websites are getting organic traffic and what type of content is getting more user attention.

#5. Improve Page Loading Speed

Website owners and admins need to ask themselves and check how long it takes their website to load when a visitor lands on the site. If you find that it is taking your website too long to load, you should try to improve the page loading speed of your website.

This is because websites that load slowly will offer a bad user experience to website visitors. Due to this, they will be reluctant or may prefer not to revisit your website, which is not good for your business. So, it would be best if you focused on boosting the page load speed of your website.

#6. Focus On Content-Length

Most of you would have probably heard about the importance of posting relevant and quality content on websites. Content quality is an important factor that can affect the ranking of your website on Google’s search engine rankings. That said, you should never ignore content length.

A recent study conducted by Backlinko revealed that posts that were on the first page of Google were around 1,890 words long. So, when you are writing blogs for your business website, it is best to ensure that the length of the posts is somewhere between 1000 to 3000 words.

#7. Optimize Content For Voice Searches

The introduction of devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo has made our lives more convenient and easier. Several internet users have started to rely on voice-based searches. Businesses that want to stay on top of their competitors will need to tailor their SEO strategy by considering all these factors.

If you want to get a higher rank for voice-based searches, your website should also be mobile-friendly. This is because voice-based searches come mostly from mobile devices.

Final Thoughts

Every SEO expert and digital marketer would want to improve rankings and get better website traffic. However, most of them usually rely on a few SEO practices, which is not a good move, as the popularity of voice, video, and mobile searches is gaining immense popularity among internet users.

Optimizing your SEO and content marketing strategies based on the factors mentioned above and including advanced techniques in your marketing plan is the best way to go.

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Alen Parker

Guest Blogger | SEO Outreach | SEO