Everything You Need to Know About Laser Dentistry

If you’ve spent your entire life subject to metal picks and scalpels, you might not know a thing about laser dentistry. What is laser dentistry? And even more, how can lasers possibly benefit your oral health?

In truth, laser dentistry is useful on a number of fronts. We’re going to discuss them below, along with a bevy of other vital information. Let’s go!

What Is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry is exactly what it sounds like: dentistry performed with lasers. These lasers are exceedingly powerful and are able to do away with tooth decay and gum tissue almost as soon as they make contact.

There are many benefits of laser dentistry. Not only is it extremely precise and accurate but it’s also much less painful than traditional dental methods. As such, both the dentist and patient can take advantage.

Laser dentistry also removes the need for sutures. As such, it vastly reduces the risk of oral infection after dental procedures.

Between traditional dentistry and laser dentistry, it’s not even close: laser dentistry is easily the superior option.

What Is Laser Dentistry Used For?

These days, dental laser surgery is used for a variety of purposes. We’re going to cover some of these in detail below.

To Remove Tooth Decay

Dental lasers can be used to remove tooth decay. This enables them to eliminate cavities in a swift manner. And because they’re so precise, lasers do very little damage to the teeth themselves.

To Combat Gum Disease

Laser dentistry is also used to combat gum disease. Not only can dental lasers kill bacteria on the gums but seal up any open sores within the gums as well. This prevents bacteria from infiltrating the gums in the future, thus reducing the risk of deterioration or decay.

To Eliminate Oral Tissue

In some circumstances, it might become necessary to remove oral tissue. This is often the case in patients who have developed oral cancers. Fortunately, lasers can remove oral tissue with accuracy and precision, allowing for the simplest and least painful procedures possible.

For Contouring Purposes

The last reason that you might use laser dentistry is for contouring purposes. In other words, dental lasers can be used to reshape the gum line, allowing for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. So, if you’re not happy with the way your gums look, give some consideration to laser contouring.

Is Laser Dentistry Painless?

Now, you might have heard that laser dentistry is pain-free. Unfortunately, that’s not entirely true. There is some pain associated with laser dentistry.

That said, the amount of pain associated with laser dentistry is much less substantial than the amount of pain associated with traditional dentistry. So, while you might experience some discomfort after receiving laser dentistry, it shouldn’t prevent you from living your life as usual.

Laser Dentistry Can Make a World of Difference

And there it is, an answer to the question of “what is laser dentistry?” As you can see, when comparing laser dentistry against more traditional methods, there’s a world of difference. Not only is laser dentistry more effective and less prone to causing infection, but it’s less painful as well.

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