Dealing With Neck Pain After an Accident? Follow These 3 Crucial Steps

Did you know there are around 6 million car accidents in America every year? 

Although there are many different types of car accident injuries, neck pain after an accident is extremely common. If you’re wondering what to do after an accident, it’s vital that you act quickly and follow the proper procedures. 

If you follow these three simple steps, you could be entitled to compensation to help cover the costs of expensive medical treatment, and for the stress you’ve suffered as a result of your accident. 

Read on to learn what to do after a car accident. 

1. Call the Police 

The first step after an accident is to make sure everyone is safe and call the emergency services to report the incident. 

Even if your situation doesn’t seem dire, police and paramedics are experts at determining whether you’ll need further treatment. 

You should work with the police to provide any footage or relevant evidence to prove that the accident wasn’t your fault. This evidence will become vital if you want to make any claim later on. 

2. See a Doctor

Next, you should always see a doctor. Often, the adrenaline caused by an accident will prevent you from feeling any pain initially. However, you could have severe internal injuries that you’re unaware of. 

A doctor will be able to assess whether you need further treatment and give you guidance on accident after-care. 

If you have neck pain, it is vital to see a doctor immediately; whiplash claims are very common and often impossible to prove or disprove. Therefore, if you don’t have a record of seeing a doctor on the day your pain started, you’re unlikely to be able to claim any compensation. 

3. File for Compensation 

Finally, once you’re safe and cleared by a doctor, your next steps should include contacting car accident injury lawyers. 

In America, you’re entitled to all sorts of compensation after an accident, mainly if it wasn’t your fault. However, you’re unlikely to get what you deserve if you pursue this route without professional legal counsel. 

Most car accident lawyers will offer a free consultation to determine whether they can help you. If they decide to take on your case, you can help by submitting all the crime scene reports from the police and your medical records. 

Be Proactive: Deal With Neck Pain After an Accident Immediately

So that’s a quick and straightforward guide on what to do if you have neck pain after an accident. 

Even if it doesn’t feel too bad at first, it’s best to address this issue head-on. Failing to be proactive could leave you with chronic injury and expensive medical bills. So, let the police know, get to the doctor, and lodge a complaint today!

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