Why Are Bangalore-Based Companies Investing In Payroll Software During COVID?

Without a doubt, this pandemic has changed every business reality. It has not just scattered workforces but also made remote working the new normal. As a result, a host of responsibilities have been landed on HR managers lately. The implications for human resources are now comprehensive. Also, carrying out routine operations and safeguarding the company culture with a distributed workforce are the new priorities of every HR executive out there. 

So, with the Indian market reeling and working individuals confined to their homes, the business continuity plans of organizations are, undoubtedly, being put to the test like never before. In such a scenario, HR departments across India have been rethinking how they could execute even simple tasks such as payroll. Now, we all know how important it is to make sure that employees are paid the right amount at the right time. Ineffective payroll management can impact both employees’ productivity as well as engagement. Considering the same, the majority of Indian companies have adapted to different systems and technologies to keep up with the changing payroll trends. 

Amid all this chaos, businesses in Bangalore are shifting towards payroll automation. Top-notch payroll software in Bangalore like HROne is gaining more popularity. Now, there are a lot of reasons for this digital shift in Bangalore. 

Let’s dive into this article and learn the major reasons why companies in Bangalore are relying on payroll systems during COVID. 

They Simplify Payroll Management

First thing first, payroll software assists HRs to manage and process payroll anytime, anywhere. Unlike manual methods, HR managers do not need to go through piles of papers and files or spreadsheets. Payroll systems are designed to simplify payroll management for companies. Using the right software, an organization can calculate and transfer the salaries of employees in just a few clicks. This is the very first reason why Bangalore-based organizations are embracing automated payroll management systems today. 

They Empower Employees 

Transfering salaries to employees’ accounts is not the only responsibility of HRs. Most often, employees have several questions about their payroll and HR managers are expected to help them. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. It usually becomes tedious and time-consuming for HR executives. And, this is the second reason why payroll software in Bangalore is being implemented more these days. Such systems come with a feature named employee self-service or ESS. This feature provides autonomy to every employee. It allows employees to check their total pay days, download salary slips and many more. This way, both employees and HRs can save a large chunk of their time as well as energy. 

They Ensure Compliance 

Pandemic or no pandemic, every organization is obligated to stay updated on emergency legislation as it is announced and rapidly integrate it into their policies. Be it SMEs or MNCs, ensuring compliance adds another level of complexity that requires experts on the ground support from service providers. Especially during a pandemic, there can be various changes relating to sick pay, overtime, leave and many more. That being said, it is acutely imperative that businesses pay close attention to such rules and promptly apply them to their current payroll systems. Not to forget, payroll systems ease this operation as well. Such systems send automatic alerts and notifications to HRs every time a new law is made or amended. This way companies can not just stay compliant but also avoid unnecessary fines and legal problems during this crisis time. 

They Provide Integration 

Another benefit of implementing payroll systems is that they easily integrate with other platforms. Say, for example, integration of attendance systems with payroll software can make payroll calculations faster and efficient. Integration benefits can aid HR professionals to leave behind all their payroll worries. 

So, these are some of the top reasons why payroll software in Bangalore is becoming famous amid this pandemic. 

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Need to mention, with further uncertainty ahead, companies should make sure that their policies and systems are in place. Every business out there needs to be prepared for any change that may sneak in. So, what are you waiting for? Invest in one of the best payroll systems at the earliest to stay ahead of the curve.

Amit Kumar

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