5 Potential Threats To Your Job You Must Avoid These Days

It is a dream come through when you wake up each day, getting ready to do the work you have wished for since you were little. Whether it was being a pilot, doctor or engineer, you find yourself enjoying each minute of it.

But what you want the most is job security as it is difficult to find. Our jobs are under constant threats from different sources, and as time passes on, employees are becoming more and more concerned about it. Technology is becoming more and more refined. The hidden hand of the market reshuffles the deck into the post-globalization era. Hence, you are tense, contemplating whether you have a job this year or not.

In the light of the new laws and policies such as New UAE Labour Law 2022, you will find serious considerations that will support employees against the possible threats to their employment. Even thinking about these threats is dreadful and gives some people panic attacks.

Here are some potential threats you must bear in mind and avoid as much as possible.

1.  Discrimination.

No matter whether your workplace discriminates you due to race, sexual orientation, nationality, color, ethnicity or gender, you will get fired. In some cases, you might not find employment in the first place. Hence, it is a big problem for those who are trying to get back into the labour market.

It is discrimination when you are denied promotions or lay-offs; you cannot avail compensations or benefits; your equally qualified co-workers in the same position enjoy the perks of higher salary; you cannot access disability leave, maternity leave or retirement options. 

It can be tormenting for you and disturb your mental and emotional health. Therefore, separate yourself from the environment where you are unsafe and hold the employer and co-workers accountable with the aid of a law firm.

2.  Immigration

Immigration is a good thing. It is evident that the countries are able to benefit their economies by engaging a diverse range of potential. But as the number of immigrants is rising, so is the competition. There will always be some competition between immigrants and native workers, especially those at the bottom of the economic ladder with the same skills.

The lower-level employees often feel that immigrants are joining the company as their replacement. They see immigrants as ‘job stealers’ and makes them the target of bullying and discrimination. So, beware of the rising tide of immigrants securing employment in your company and developing new skills to increase your worth to the company.

3.  Outsourcing

Globalization has led to an increase in outsourcing jobs. It is likely to continue because developing nations and overseas economies grow in stature and ability. People around the world are becoming more educated, more skilled and career-oriented. They are ready to work for lower wages which are bad news for native workers.

Earlier, we heard of manufacturing tasks being outsourced. However, these days you will find Human Resource functions or financial operations being outsourced as well.

4.  Health Threats

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, health security took on an unforeseen role in workplace security in 2020. Companies have had to reconsider how they function in order to keep their teams working without the risk of illness.

COVID-19 has emphasized the significance of employee wellbeing to business continuity and the need for techniques that optimize and standardize health protocol enforcement. Global pandemics and other health threats will remain top of mind for well-prepared businesses in 2022 and beyond.

5.  Violence and Harassment

Workplace violence is defined as any behaviour or threat of physical violence, harassment, intimidation,  or bullying that occurs at work. With such a diverse range of acts falling under the purview of violence, from verbal or physical abuse to theft or explosives, there are also various types of workplace violence.

If all of these threats occur in the workplace, they fall into this category. Obviously, some businesses and companies are more vulnerable to workplace violence than others. Nevertheless, it is good enough to justify being more vigilant if you deal with money or your job requires you to work early mornings or late nights.

Beware of The Big Wolves

To keep yourself secured from potential threats to your job, having a law firm such as Davidson & Co, a reputable law firm based in Dubai, will guide you through the process of preventing employment threats of any nature. Moreover, read your employment contract to avoid any complications in the future.

Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar is a Digital Marketing Strategist in a leading organisation. A creative marketing strategist with over 8 years of experience developing digital marketing strategies and guiding business development