Get Better AT&T Handsets Results By Following 6 Simple Steps

AT&T handsets are considered the best option for improved calling solutions. The caller ID feature of these handsets needs to be turned on for better results. A secured calling solution is relished in this way. You need to focus on the initial setup of your phone to avoid all kinds of discomforts. Set the ringer volume of the phone as per your desires. This setting makes it possible for the users to continue their crucial official calls.

Let’s discuss six simple steps for getting improved results by these handsets:

1) Set Ringer Volume:

Users need to adjust the ringer volume to stay updated about the incoming calls. There are six ringer volume levels available for AT&T phones. It can set the volume to one of the six levels as per your desire. You can also turn the ringer off according to your requirement.

You can use the handset or the telephone base for this purpose. Select the menu and select the Ringers option. Click the select button to set the ringer volume. Choose an up or down arrow to increase or decrease the volume level as per your need.

2) Turn The Caller ID Feature on:

The caller ID service is supported by AT&T phones for the user’s ease. It can store information of almost 50 incoming calls in the base. Turn on this feature for taking all crucial calls without any difficulty. The name and contact number of the caller are announce with the help of this feature.


First of all, select the menu and choose the settings option. Select the caller ID Announce option and use arrow keys to choose the set all on or off option. Select local handset or base and choose on or off option as per your requirement.

Most people like Walker W6-B-KM-NC-10 Amplified Handset due to its innovative features. It is design to offer remarkable clarity to users. Background noise is reducing for attaining the best audio results. It is made to work with all types of phones for better interaction. It also provides amplification and noise reduction.

3) Turn on The Answering System:

AT&T phones consist of indicators for two types of voice messages. You can easily listen to the messages recorded on the built-in answering system. The answering system should be turn on for attaining perfect calling solutions. Turning on this system helps you to answer and record messages.

You can use both a wireless handset and telephone base for this purpose. In the case of a wireless handset, choose the menu and select the answering sys option. Choose answer on or off and select the desired option. Use the telephone base and press ANS ON/OFF for this purpose.

4) Focus on Initial Handset Setting:

Initial handset setting is important before using the phone for calling. You must set some of the features of AT&T phones before use. First of all, set the date and time setting of the phone. Use voice guide for basic answering system setup.

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Follow the voice guide to record your announcement. Set the number of rings and message alert tone. After that, record your announcement for further proceedings.

5) Understand The Telephone Operation:

Users need to understand the telephone operation completely for perfect calling. We can easily make calls by using these highly efficient phones. They can answer or reject the call by using the given controls.

You can press the speaker button to use the handset speakerphone. It helps you to switch between the hands-free speakerphone and normal handset use. Volume controls are using by the users to adjust the volume of the call as per their desire.

6) Use Call Block Feature:

The call blocking feature is quite useful for preventing users from fraudulent calls. You can use this feature to reject certain calls automatically. You can add a call block entry by selecting the menu. After that, select the call block option. Select the block list option and add the new entry.

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After that, enter a name up to 15 characters. You can also block calls without numbers. Press the Menu button and then select the call block option. Select the Calls w/o num option and then block or not block option as per your demand. Panasonic Handsets are highly prefer by people due to their great features.

Handsets help people to get their audio goals with the help of great audio quality. They make the calling experience of people easier and more interesting. They ensure crystal clear audio for bringing ease to the life of users. Also, their lightweight designs assist users in doing their tasks without taking any burden.

Final Words:

All the above-mentioned steps are quite helpful for getting better AT&T handsets results. You must turn on the answering system to ensure fine audio quality. Also, turn on the caller ID feature for a secured calling experience. You can get all the information about the caller in this way.

Thus, you can receive all the crucial calls without any hesitation. The call block feature is also quite beneficial for the sake of the user’s safety. You can block the number of annoying calls through this feature. Numerous advanced gadgets are offered at FindHeadsets.

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